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Ethan is the best gay wedding planner in Texas, and after the Marriage Equality act passed, his job suddenly got a whole lot busier. He’s hoping for a relaxing Christmas break to rest, but when one of his old clients calls for help with a holiday wedding, he just can’t turn down the job. At the event, he meets Noah–a young doctor far too attractive to be interested in someone like him. Or so Ethan thinks. As Ethan and Noah begin to navigate the steps toward being together, it seems the world is conspiring to keep them apart. Now it’s up to them to persevere if they want their very own happily-ever-after

it will rain


…The ceremony was beautiful, with snowflake lights and puffs of fake snow creating an otherworldly effect that Ethan quite liked. The officiator was the preacher from the Buckingham’s church and he didn’t seem a bit upset about doing the ceremony in a yard instead of the church. He was obviously close to the family, considering how many personal remarks he added about Rebecca as a child and how happy Dina obviously made her.

Ethan wanted to be able to enjoy the ceremony, but his headache from the morning had come back with a vengeance and he was having trouble on focusing on much—even the sight of the two happy brides. The whole wedding party coordinated beautifully. Dina wore a gorgeous blue shawl over her wedding dress that matched the color of the flowers in Rebecca’s bouquet. The two men in the wedding party, Noah and a man standing on Dina’s side, wore dress shirts in the same color as the shawl. The five women, including Jenna, wore long-sleeve black dresses with blue sashes.

Ethan rubbed his temples, only to take away his hands to clap as the brides kissed. He’d already brought all the food out to the buffet tables during an earlier part of the ceremony and now he waited for the brides to walk down the aisle and go to the side where the photographer would be taking more of their wedding photos. That was the cue for all the guests to head to the tables for dinner. Ethan began moving the chairs to the edges of the lawn before the guests could sit back down on them and make it harder for him to get the dance area ready.

“Can I help?” Noah asked.

Ethan glanced at the best man, surprised. “Sure. But they’ll need you for wedding party pictures soon.”

Noah grimaced and picked up four chairs at once. “I’ll put that off until they call me over.”

“Not a fan of photos?” Ethan asked, amused despite himself. No one could deny that Noah was extremely handsome. It seemed strange for him to be camera shy.

Noah shook his head. “I’m not very photogenic.”

“I doubt that.”

The same red blush from earlier spread over Noah’s cheeks, though perhaps it was merely because of the chill. Before the man could reply, though, he was indeed called over by the rest of the wedding party…

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Skylar Jaye, as a writer and a person, is eccentric, eclectic, and excitable. Of her many hobbies, she enjoys some of the weirdest and most ridiculous activities out there. From medieval recreation to equestrian games, D&D, muggle quidditch, and beyond. She loves learning, but all of those interests (psychology, anthropology, and sociology) tend to lead her back to her main passion, writing.

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