A.E. Via – Nothing Special

nothing specialAuthor: A.E. Via
Reviewed by: Susan65
Publisher: Amira Press Publishing
Genre: M/M Cops
ISBN 13: 9781627620505

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Detective Cashel ‘Cash’ Godfrey is big, tattooed and angry so people typically keep their distance. He’s fresh out of the police academy, however, no one is looking to partner with the six foot four beast with a huge chip on his shoulder and an inability to trust. When Cash scans the orientation room he wasn’t expecting to find sexy hazel eyes locked onto him. Eyes of the handsome Detective Leonidis ‘Leo’ Day.

Leo is charming, witty, hilariously sarcastic and the only one that can make Cash smile. He’s proud, out and one bad-ass detective.

Together Cash and Leo become the most revered and successful narcotics detectives Atlanta’s ever seen. Able to communicate and understand each other, without even having to voice it, they quickly climb up the promotional ranks.

When Cash saves Leo’s life in a raid that turns deadly, Leo begins to see something in the big man that no one else does…something special. But Leo fears he’ll never break through the impenetrable wall that protects Cash’s heart.

Nothing Special takes the reader through various emotions throughout the richly fulfilling plot that’s full of erotic gay romance, heartache, passion, trials and tribulations, police action scenes, and an intriguing twist that comes to an amazing ending that’s impossible to see coming.

Review: I really love cops and alpha men and drama and twists and turns and “Oh My God” moments when I read. You get all that and more with Nothing Special; especially the “OMFG” moment at around 83%; I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. That sealed the deal for me in deciding that I loved this book. I was, at first, not too sure what I thought of that unexpected twist, but it was really hot and I decided it worked. It won’t work for everyone, that’s for sure.
For most of the story my heart just broke for Cashel or “God”. Okay, before I go any further let me just say the nickname of” God” did not work for me. It actually pulled me out of the story many times and is the main reason the story is only a 4 star read. The blurb even shows “Cash” as his nickname, not God, but it was mostly God throughout and I really hated it. But now back to the heartbreak that is CASH.
Cash is silently supporting his family from a distance due to misunderstandings, lies, and the need to protect them…even at his own expense. That was really harsh and I hated his family for what they were doing to him. Fortunately, the truth does get revealed and the reunion with his brother was awesome. I am hoping for a Genesis book..and I hope it’s with Terry.
Cashel is awesomely huge…I mean six foot five huge…and scary. I loved him because he was such a big, scary dude but still really just a big ol’ teddy bear. Day was also into Cash, even though he was quite the sarcastic little toppy himself. Nowhere near as big as Cash, but he definitely was a firecracker. He had the funniest one-liners ever and reminded me so much of Ty Grady that I instantly fell in love with him too.
This story is definitely a friends-to-lover as they are work partners for over four years before they realize that they actually love each other…”in that way”. Cash was super protective of Day, and I think he just got sick of seeing men flirt with him and having Day flirt back. Once they decided they were going to do this, and give their relationship a try, it was full steam ahead. Cash was super possessive and Day ate that up.
We also have a bit of homophobia in the workplace…but Day is the master at keeping the bigots in their place. I loved his quick wit; nothing stopped his mouth from spouting out whatever the hell he wanted. He had no filter whatsoever and it was awesome.
We also have that unexpected twist I told you about at the beginning of this review. I am trying to figure out how to review that shocker without giving anything away and I realized that I really can’t say anything, nothing at all, without spoilering. All I can say is that some will love it and others will hate it. I was on the fence at first and wasn’t sure if it was actually going to happen or just a ploy to shock the reader, but when it happened, I was like, “Hello”!!!! That was hot. Okay, I am honestly not in love with that scene but I accept it, enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the next book.

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