Amelia June – The Ruby

Author: Amelia June
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN 13:  9781610403450

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Daniel is a psychologist on vacation, damn it. When he meets the sexy but shady Hawk in the resort’s bar, he is brave enough to accompany the man back to his room. One impulsive decision later, he’s embroiled in a tale of intrigue, treasure hunting, and adventure. What happened to relaxing on the beach?

A massive stolen ruby, mysterious gunmen lurking in the shadows, and a gorgeous rogue push Daniel past all his comfort zones. Will Daniel and Hawk find the pirate’s treasure? More importantly, will Daniel get out of this crazed vacation alive?

Review:  Quiet, reserved Daniel is on his first vacation in ages, one that took him forever to save for, and it is turning out to be a major disappointment. The island is beautiful but the resort is a dump and his big plan to pass the time is to sip pina coladas and read until he can fly back home. Before he even cracks the book open he is literally knocked over by a movie star gorgeous man named Hawk. The sexual sparks fly and they barely make it through one drink before Daniel follows Hawk back to his room for an unforgettable night of hot sweaty sex. The next morning leaves a lot to be desired though when three armed men break down Hawk’s door and threaten to kill both Hawk and Daniel if Hawk does not deliver the treasure he was hired to find. Speaking of treasure, when Daniel finally get his pants back on he finds the largest ruby that he’s ever seen in his pants pocket.  Daniel demands answers from the elusive Hawk. Instead of running the other way as fast as he can, Daniel allows Hawk to pull him into this mystery and so embarks on the greatest adventure of his life.

Daniel does come out of his shell towards the end of the book and it was a joy to see but it is Hawk who made this book for me. He’s gorgeous, charming and sweet and he remains a mystery. Just because he manages to steal three watches from three different people in a couple of days doesn’t mean that you can fault him. He has to keep up his skills, you know, just in case.  This ruby is his answer to getting out of a life of crime. Separately and then together these men find more than they ever expected.

If you are looking for a light, quick read with some adventure, a little romance and a nice HEA then this is a great book for you.




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