Andy McVittie – The Art of Watch Dogs

watchdogsAuthor: Andy McVittie
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: Art, Video Game
ISBN: 9781781169001

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: One of the most hotly anticipated games from E3 2012, Watch Dogsreceived over 80 official nominations and awards including IGN’s Best New Franchise Award, Gamespot’s Editor’s Choice Award and Eurogamer’s Game of the Show Award.

The Art of Watch Dogs is an in-depth review of Ubisoft’s amazing new game with extensive concept and development art and detailed creator commentary. The first of its kind for a franchise that is certain to be a future classic, the book will explore the technology-controlled world ofWatch Dogs, taking readers on a visual guide through Aiden Pearce’s quest to turn Chicago’s Central Operating System (CtOS) against its corrupt owners.

Review: Let’s be honest – as a Chicago girl, I spent a longer than usual time on this book because the game is set in Chicago. The game focuses on Chicago’s Central Operating System, which controls nearly everything in the city. Our hero and hacker, Aiden Pearce, is the one who is going to try to bring down the evil behind CtOS. In the game, you are Aiden Pearce, with access to his smartphone to control just about any type of technology, weapons galore, some amazing vehicles, and of course, Chicago itself.

The book contains sections focusing on character, the city, the hacker group Aiden forms and the city. Yes, I mention it twice because there are many beautiful drawings and inspirations here.

The 3D renderings of characters, particularly Aiden himself, were fascinating and I would have loved to see more. For most of the characters, we get just a quick view and short bio.

For the city aspect, there is a haunting quality to many of the drawings, particularly those of the Mag Mile and Hancock building. Awesome.

This is a welcome addition for fans of the game, as well as fans of Chicago.

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