Anna Lee – The Broken Road

Author: Anna Lee
Reviewed by: Valentina
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781614958208

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 


Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down by a drunk driver. Confined to a wheelchair, he feels invisible, but Ryen Moore helps him figure out how to be whole again and shows him what real love is all about.

Nearly a year and half ago, Kason Tyler’s life was turned upside down when a drunk driver hit his car. To make matters worse, Kason’s boyfriend Blake walked out on him while he was recovering. Now, confined to a wheelchair and insecure, Kason is afraid he’ll never find someone to see past it. Then he meets Ryen Moore in his coffee shop. Falling head over heels for Ryen is easy. When Blake reappears and tries to steal their happiness away, Kason puts his trust in Ryen and realizes that his broken road has led him to love.
CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title contains moderate violence


The incentive to read this book came from the simple mention of disability from the blurb. Extra difficulty tends to make already hard situations more complicated, and if I love anything it’s complicated.

Kason came in daily to a certain coffee shop to write. Although in a wheelchair, Kason still had eyes and it wasn’t difficult to notice the owner of the shop, Ryan. But Kason is terribly insecure and shy, the result of his relationship with Blake, the ex. The insensitive man left Kason after the accident that took his ability to walk and was anything but considerate about it.

The romance between Kason and Ryan flares up instantly and almost before you can blink they are the image of perfect. Their families are good together and their plans for the future are just flourishing. The only smudge in the whole story is Blake.

I’ll start off by saying this book was just too far from what I consider my preference. I was attracted to the subject, a veteran and a man in a wheelchair who need to overcome their difficulties to be together and make their relationship work. Yeah, there were no difficulties. Kason, while in a wheelchair, had very few issues for someone who started off as insecure and in the past year and a half had to adjust to a whole new life. Ryan’s issues were only mentioned and the rest was all rainbows. I disliked the fact that certain scenes were glossed over and the whole book was rather rushed. It reminded me more of a shifter story with inevitable quick bonding than a contemporary where feelings are usually better worked through and the reader eased into the romance so he/she actually cares for the characters before the happy ending without the incredulity factor.

I did like the subject but the resolution of the story and the overall flow just weren’t for me. I would suggest this story to people who like it tooth aching sweet while I’ll check out the fantasy story with hope it will be more to my liking.


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