Anne Brooke – Where You Hurt the Most (Rent Boy)

Author: Anne Brooke
Reviewed by: Cat
Publisher: Riptide
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781937551360

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Adrian is more than happy as high-class escort for a number of regular clients. When his boss and dear friend asks him to entertain his nephew, Adrian readily agrees, but meeting Dan challenges him in ways he’d never imagined.

Dan is scarred inside and out from an accident that destroyed a promising future. Despite Adrian’s loveless lifestyle and Dan’s withdrawal and anger, the two men forge a deep—if unnerving—connection. Soon they find themselves questioning the choices they’ve made and the futures they’ve mapped out for themselves.

Yet even bright young men like Adrian and Dan fear the unknown and take comfort in the familiar. Neither may be strong enough to step away from the life they know and toward the one they dare not hope for. But while it’s true that love can’t heal all wounds, it is the surest balm for where you hurt the most. (Riptide)


This was an amazingly sweet story about two people learning and finding their painful weakness and overcoming it.

Adrian is an escort and he is good at what he does. He also enjoys his job very much. He gets to see the world and admire all the beauty that it has to offer. He enjoys the intimacy that he shares with his clients and the money it brings. He is very comfortable and content with his station in life. His boss asks him to tale on his cousin a man that was in a car accident that left his face scarred and after several surgeries never to be the same again. Adrian agrees but little does he know that this man may change everything, even the ways Adrian sees’ himself.

Dan has been in a horrible accident that has left half his face disfigured. He hides from the world, covering his pain with a red hoodie. His face is a reminder of something that changed his life forever. It has taken the away all that he held dear and loved. Dan refuses to talk about his accident with his family and lashes out when people try to.  He does not want anyone’s help nor does he feel he needs it.

When these two meet for the first time, you can feel the tension and the frustration. Dan’s frustration at feeling he is getting pity sex and Adrian for feeling like he is being treated like a whore. Somewhere in the middle of this meeting there is a bit of a breakthrough. An understanding of sorts and by the second meeting both men begin to see each other in a different light. To see and understand that there is more than just appearance.

Although this is a short story it gets the point across without feeling rushed. The author does a good job of giving enough background information that you don’t feel lost or like you are missing something. This is the second book that I have read in the is series and I am enjoying what I am reading so far.

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