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Title: Mix ‘N’ Match

Authors: Layla Dorine, Eddy LeFey, Eric Gober, Asta Idonea, Kevin Caucher, Alina Popescu, A Lusch, Lily Velden, Kassandra Lea, Dale Cameron Lowry

Genre: Gay Romance, Interracial, LGBT

Length: Anthology/Novel-length

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


The heart wants what the heart wants.




Become little more than words in the dictionary when the heart sets its sights on its desire.

Join our authors as they explore interracial themes ranging from the challenges of loving someone from another culture to fighting for the right to love at all.


Celebrate diversity with us.


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A Hopeless Mirage – Kevin Caucher – Excerpt 1: 

When I got home after the shopping, I took the drinks straight to the kitchen, but I halted in the doorway.

Johan stood at the counter with his back to the door. He was merely wearing a black T-shirt, the hem barely covering his bum. He probably wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He was getting a drink of water and seemed not to hear the rustle of my shopping bag.

We stayed like that for about two minutes, him lost in his thoughts and me admiring his bare legs, until he broke out of his reverie and slowly turned around. He didn’t seem too surprised to find me ogling his half-naked body; he raised his mug, as if saluting.

We stood there, facing each other, speechless, for what seemed like forever. Johan looked at me with a steady gaze, confident even in just his T-shirt and a half-smile, almost a smirk, on his face. I swear he’s teasing me. Thoughts coursed through my head about the things I could do to him, what could have been, and why it shouldn’t be done.

I was still dazed when, after a while, he decided to go back to his—their—room. I backed away from the door to let him through. He paused for a beat when he was right in front of me, face to face, then shook his head and walked back to the bedroom.

“Fuck,” I muttered after the bedroom door closed. I looked down and saw my arousal. Johan must have noticed too. How am I going to deal with them?

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Stories Included



Sage never imagined a trip down south would lead to so many discoveries.

He also never expected to meet Eugene, who is as different from Sage as north from south.

Two young men from different backgrounds.

Can they find friendship and love while surrounded by those who consider their desires to be forbidden?

Through The Front Door


A front door could be many things:

Hope, fear, a fresh start, a cold expanse of nothingness.

What will Thomas Ng’s front door mean for Daniel Grimm?

Deceptive Histories


When Miguel falls for Van, he gets caught in the crosshairs of an angry spirit.

A spirit who cursed Van’s family long ago.

Can Miguel and Van break the curse?

Or will their lives end in ruin?

Meschianza Meetings


Philadelphia, 1778

Lieutenant Penton has two problems: dealing with society functions and hiding his passion for Isaac, a slave.

When invited to assist with preparations for the Meschianza, he sees it as a brief escape from both.

However, the night will prove to have more to offer than he ever would have dreamed possible.

A Hopeless Mirage


After hearing “no rice” enough times, Guy decided to swear off dating apps and men, only to find himself falling for his best friend’s boyfriend.

A Touch of Paradise


Hauled to work in Hawaii, Tudor has little time to enjoy the island paradise.

His obnoxious friend Radu has it much easier, using his free time to set Tudor up, dangling a willing Hawaiian beauty in front of him.

Having been burned by long-distance relationships before, Tudor stubbornly resists Kahoni’s advances.

But can Tudor be worn down enough to enjoy a touch of paradise?


A Surprising Service


It’s another frustrating chore in Nick’s day: getting the boiler serviced.

But when Prince walks through the door, it’s not just the heating that gets hot.



Sent by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to curb an outbreak of influenza in an Australian outback aboriginal community, Dr. Dan is ready for anything.

Except Tommy…

A half-caste aboriginal who feels he doesn’t belong…


Kiss of the South


The north and south have been divided by war. But love has other plans for Joseph Calder and Ephraim Pickett.



What if the man you thought you could never have was waiting for you all along?


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