ARC Review: Lynn Kelling – Caged Jaye

29074839Author: Lynn Kelling
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing
Genre: m/m prison
ISBN: 9781622342853

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Genres: Contemporary Erotica Drama
It’s Jaye Larson’s nineteenth birthday, and all he wants is to spend time with his boyfriend and his mother—the people he loves most and who make life worth living. But, faced by his mother’s demons, the imperfections of his relationship with boyfriend, Kris, and dangerous, homophobic strangers, one by one, all of Jaye’s dreams are soon derailed. Plunging into a waking nightmare, shortly after going to bed alone, he wakes in an alley, pinned down by two men with slow, bloody rape and murder in mind. It’s just the start of Jaye’s fight for his life, and his sanity, as time and time again, he’s forced to make impossible choices and survive, no matter what it costs.
If my face were a book, it would convey shock and awe along with a myriad of other unreadable emotions right now. My jaw is still hanging wide open and I think “holy sh*t” is the only coherent phrase I’m capable of uttering. This book reached right into my core and ripped me wide open. I was so connected to Jaye’s character that it felt like a personal assault every time something happened to him. I’ve never felt more ravaged over the loss of innocence nor more proud of the inner strength of a beloved character as I did with this story. Just wow.

It’s amazing to me what the human spirit can endure and overcome when pushed beyond the brink into the most tragic and unfair circumstances imaginable. It’s the psychology tied to that type of situation – the head games and mind f*ck that it is – along with the pride and triumph of surviving it that are captured and portrayed brilliantly in “Caged Jaye”. This story is believable in its stark brutality. I can fully imagine life behind bars being as desperate, timeless, and fearful as depicted.

There are plenty of characters to hate in this story. You’d think that Cash and his brothers (the Disciples) might be included in that list, but you’d be wrong. Despite being dark, dark, dark, there’s a strange and beautiful connection that shines brightly in the darkness in this story. What Jaye experiences with Cash and the Disciples is unconventional for sure, but shows that humanity can exist in the most unexpected ways and places.

Unlike what I suspect will be the case with most readers, I’m actually reading this book prior to the very popular “Arctic Absolution”. While not planned that way, I’m actually glad it worked out that way since Jaye’s path can only climb up from here. My poor beloved Jaye survived one of the worst bitch slaps life could dole out to him and I need to see some good come to the boy who became a man in the blink of an eye.

As long as you pay attention to the warnings and remember that there’s hope for Jaye beyond this book, you’ll be blown away by and appreciate the detailed back story that shaped his character. Phenomenal and absolutely recommended!!!



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