Ashlyn Forge – Caterpillar

caterpillarAuthor: Ashlyn Forge
Reviewer: Lexi
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Sci Fi

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Generations ago, Levelers and Summoners depended on a symbiotic bond that was decimated by the Earth man’s arrival.

On a planet beneath two harsh suns, the Leveler King is left in the wilderness, stranded. His rescue comes by way of Aton, a simple farming Summoner who wants nothing more than to live in peace.

Calamity forced Lyndel and Aton together, but necessity might be the only way they endure each other’s company.(

Review: Levelers and Summoners lived together in harmony until the Earthers came… or did they?

Lyndel the Leveler King is on his way to the caves for mating. It is a dangerous trip, one that eventually killed Lyndel’s father. Both Levelers and Summoners complete three cycles where their appearance and stature changes, their temperament changes, even their names change. Levelers can force the change where Summoners cannot but either way, fewer and fewer Levelers and Summoners are being born and the Earthers are slowly taking over.

Lyndel is a highly flawed character. He knows of Summoners but he doesn’t know Summoners. His accidental side trip with Aton reveals to him how much he doesn’t know and makes him understand how reprehensible his own behavior is. With the underlying theme of caterpillar that relates to the physical transformation of these two races, it also extends to the transformation of belief and character. None of it would have been possible without Aton.

Because I didn’t want to the story to come to an end, I harrumphed when it did. Time jumps a several years and some telling came into play. I would’ve loved, loved, loved to see the characters evolve into what they became then instead of getting the quick synopsis. I’m hoping that another story will come starting where this ended because I need to know what happens.

This is a colorful, imaginative world and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the story. I definitely wanted more and would read a novel length story set in this world.



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