Audio Review: Amy Lane – Winter Ball (Winter Ball #1)

41SafCg0uRLAuthor: Amy Lane
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Narrator: Nick J. Russo


Through a miserable adolescence and a lonely adulthood, Skipper Keith has dreamed of nothing but family. The closest he gets is the rec league soccer team he coaches after work—and his star player and best friend, Richie Scoggins.

One brisk night in late October, a postpractice convo in Richie’s car turns into a sexual encounter neither of them expected—nor want to forget. Soon Skip and Richie are living for the weekends and their winter league soccer games—and the games they enjoy off the field. Through broken noses, holiday decorating, and the killer flu, they learn more about each other than they ever dreamed possible. Every new discovery takes them further beyond the boundaries of the soccer field and into the infinite possibilities of the best relationship of Skipper’s life.

Skipper can’t dream of a better family than Richie—but Richie’s got real family entanglements he can’t shake off. Skipper needs to convince Richie to stay with him beyond winter ball so the relationship they started on the field might become their happy future in real life!


This one didn’t do all that much for me. It wasn’t bad, it was a completely inoffensive and light little story. But I didn’t particularly connect with the characters, and I didn’t really feel much of anything.

The guys got together so quickly that to be honest, my head was kind of spinning. I had read book 2, Summer Lessons, first, and I was trying to remember who everyone was and what their relationships were… and then BAM! Car sex. Skipper and Richie had been friends for 6 years, and I feel like that fact is a very large factor in how serious their relationship became so quickly. So I would have liked a chapter or two to see them be friends before all the smexin began.

I’ve listened to many books narrated by Nick J. Russo and he does a good job. These shorter, light books are perfect as audios in my opinion, because they don’t take too much thought. The guys had their issues to work out, and I got frustrated with Richie quite a bit. But all that being said, it was light on the angst and a very easy listen.

This certainly isn’t my favorite series by Amy Lane (who is a favorite author), I felt very similarly about Summer Lessons. But if you’re in the mood for an easy contemporary romance, then this series certainly fits the bill. And it most definitely works as an audio book.


Dreamspinner Press 

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