Audio Review: Andrew Grey – Artistic Pursuits (Art Series #3)

Author: Andrew Grey
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Narrator: John Solo

Frank Jennings is an FBI agent looking for redemption. Leslie Carlton is an Interpol agent looking for a thief. Attraction flares from the moment they meet on a case searching for a stolen triptych of unique Tiffany windows, but after a single night of stunning passion, Leslie is called back to London to continue his search there. When the case heats up again, Leslie returns to the States-and to Frank-but their investigation is complicated by their tumultuous feelings. Is it possible for two dedicated detectives to pursue each other while they’re tracking down stolen art and the unscrupulous man who steals it?

This was a totally different take on art theft compared to the first two books. In this one, a thief is targeting Tiffany windows and one of the victims is Attorney Brian Jennings and his partner, Nicolai, an art restoration expert. If you read book two, Artistic Appeal, you may recall that Nicolai pieced together a formerly broken Tiffany window for his living room. This time, however, the thieves are identified when Brian’s daughter, Zoe, happens to see both men before they escaped, so she’s able to help police and FBI put together composite photos from her description. When it’s evident that this connects to the case Interpol has issued a warning on, FBI inspector Frank Jennings contacts them and Leslie Carlton comes to the US to assist in the case.

The supposedly cold and stuffy Englishman is anything but that, however—once Frank happens upon him in his home where his guest has just come from his shower. Totally unexpected, and yet the sparks ignite between the two, and Frank falls head-over-heels for the stunning, long-haired Interpol agent—even though he’s returning to England and the two can’t have a future together.

Then, things heat up on the US end, and when Frank and his team are able to identify a well-known Japanese collector as the potential buyer, Interpol allows Leslie to return. A few more days might not make a lot of difference, especially if Frank can’t get over his fear of failure and continues to deny his feelings to Leslie. And when fate steps in and throws him a scare, will he still be too afraid to speak up?

I enjoyed this story, and as is typical with Andrew Grey, the story is not ordinary, and yet the characters are. And I mean that in the best possible way. The MCs could be our neighbors, and yet their jobs allow Mr. Grey to tell a complex story of international intrigue he’s likely researched to the nth degree. Interesting and entertaining, exciting and full of danger, when it all comes down to the bottom line, there’s a deep and abiding love between two men who manage to find each other despite living a continent apart.

Narrator John Solo gets better with each story too. His narration provides a good variety of voices. He’s easy to understand and knows when to stress certain words and phrases. I’m coming to believe that’s a highly sought after skill in the world of audiobooks as I’ve had to DNF a few due to the very boredom of the person narrating. So kudos, John Solo. You make it interesting.

And, if you like Andrew Grey, this one is a winner. The whole series has been fun and interesting and even informative. Definitely recommended.


Dreamspinner Press 

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  1. One of my favorite series by Andrew Grey 🙂

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