Audio Review: Andrew Grey – Noble Intentions

51jh2T19GULAuthor: Andrew Grey
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Narrator: Robert Nieman


Robert Ashton is in for the surprise of a lifetime. His mother, a bit of a rebel, raised him away from the rest of the family, and it’s not until he’s contacted by his lawyer about an inheritance that he learns who he truly is: the new Earl of Hantford. His legacy includes ownership of the historic Ashton Park Estate—which needs repairs Robert cannot afford. He’ll simply do what the nobility has done for centuries when in need of money. He’ll marry it.

Tech wizard Daniel Fabian is wealthy and successful. In fact, he has almost everything—except a title to make him worthy in the eyes of the old-money snobs he went to prep school with. His high school reunion is looming, and he’s determined to attend it as a member of the aristocracy.

That’s where Robert comes in.

Daniel has the money, Robert has the name, and both of them know they can help each other out. But their marriage of convenience has the potential to become a real love match—unless a threat to Daniel’s business ruins everything.


This was a sweet love story based on the trope of two young men who enroll in matchmaking services—one because he inherited a title but needs money to fix up the estate and the other because he’d like to go to his class reunion and show his classmates he’s been successful. I should mention here that he’s somewhat of a boy genius and has founded a mega-successful business empire, however, he’s apparently still feeling “less than” the snobby rich kids he went to private school with.

The two men meet and there’s an immediate attraction—not only physically, but emotionally as well. The story plays out as we might expect with each man having something to contribute to the well-being of the other.

I like Andrew Grey’s writing and this story interested me, despite the trope (or maybe because of it) and the story developing along the lines I expected. However, I wouldn’t recommend it in audiobook format. The narrator did not add anything to the story with his vocalizations. If anything, the similarities made it more difficult. For example, one character was English, the other, American, and there was no difference in their voices. There was an old caretaker on site at the manor house in England, and if we hadn’t been given that information, I would have thought he was a young American. But even with all that, if the two MCs had enough of a difference in their voices, it still may have been okay. But I was lost during many of the conversations between the two men because I couldn’t detect any difference in their voices.

So, overall, yes, I’d recommend this story to MM romance lovers, but in e-book format, not audiobook. And I probably would have given it 4 stars for the story alone.


Dreamspinner Press

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