Audio Review: Andrew Grey – Poppy’s Secret (Dreamspun Desires #28)

51rzT6g2pQLAuthor: Andrew Grey
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
[xrr rating= 3/5]

Narrator: John Solo


A second chance born of love.

Pat Corrigan and Edgerton “Edge” Winters were ready to start a family-or so Pat thought. At the last minute, Edge got cold feet and fled. Pat didn’t bother telling him the conception had already gone through and little Emma was on her way. He didn’t want a relationship based on obligation. He’d rather raise his daughter on his own.

Nine years later, Emma and her Poppy are doing fine. Edge isn’t. He realizes what he threw away by leaving, and he’s back to turn his life around and reclaim his family. It’ll take a lot to prove to Pat that he’s a new man, and even if Edge succeeds, the secret Pat has hidden for years might shatter their dreams all over again.


Not gonna lie. I was ready to say that this was cute and well-paced, that I enjoyed it, although it had some too-mushy moments and was somewhat predictable… then the end of the epilogue actually kinda hit me in the feelz, it was so genuine and in a way just a simple joyful moment. So I’m a sap, apparently.

Anyway, I thought this was good. I have a rocky past with Andrew Grey, I’ve given 3-4 stars to the first books in his Love Comes Silentlyand The Good Fight series’, as well as Redemption by Fire… but then each series went down to 2-2.5 stars So I had relegated him to the not-for-me-authors category due to a history of writing and dialogue faux pas… but Dreamspun Desires, so here I am.

And I did enjoy this! This is the first Andrew Grey book that I’ve listened to where I’ve liked the narrator (despite also having a rocky past with John Solo). At first I wasn’t sure about his childish Emma voice, it sounded like an adult putting on an exaggerated kids voice. But she doesn’t talk all that much and it faded to the background, ultimately not being a big issue for me.

I’ve been kinda so-so on some of the Dreamspun Desires books, even by authors that I love. So this caught me a bit by surprise. It felt like the right length and had the right amount of character development. Pat was the one that got away, so we didn’t have the insta-love that runs rampant in novella length books. It worked well as an audiobook, and was a sweet little interlude with just a smidgen go angst they worked into the plot well.


Dreamspinner Press 

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