Audio Review: Andrew Grey – Round and Round (Bronco Boys #4)

roundAuthor: Andrew Grey
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Mystery/Suspense

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Narrator: Michael Pauley

Summary: When it comes to love, Kevin Foster can’t seem to win. Some consider him a hero, but dousing an arsonist’s attempt to burn Bronco’s to the ground puts Kevin on the vengeful criminal’s radar. Afterward, the arsonist fixates on Kevin, determined to burn away every part of Kevin’s life.
Coming to Kevin’s rescue more than once, and in more ways than one, is “MacDreamy Hotness”—firefighter Angus MacTavish. Not only is Angus smitten at first sight, he learns Kevin’s nickname for him, intriguing him further.
When Angus discovers Kevin is the arsonist’s target, he takes it upon himself to protect him at any cost. Soon Kevin works his way into a heart Angus thought he’d closed off for good. Things heat up between them, but the arsonist has no intention of letting Kevin finally find happiness. Hopefully Angus and Kevin can stop him before he reduces everything Kevin values to ash—including the love igniting between him and Angus.
Review: Of all the gang from Bronco’s (Inside Out) who hung out together to party, the only one who now doesn’t have a partner is Kevin Foster. He’s watched his friends Zach, Jeremy, and Tristan fall in love with their life partners, but his boyfriend Ken didn’t last long enough for that. Ken took a job in Pittsburgh about six months before, without even considering Kevin’s feelings, and having a long distance relationship proved to be too much for the couple.
So when the sweet old woman in Kevin’s apartment complex accidentally sets her oven on fire, Kevin is free to fall in lust with the gorgeous firefighter who answers the call. Angus MacTavish is not only handsome and muscular but has a fantastic Scottish accent. Who wouldn’t fall in lust with that? And Angus seems to find Kevin attractive, but it isn’t until there’s a fire at Bronco’s that Kevin manages to suppress with the fire hose near Bull’s office that the two actually find time for more than a few words together.
Working with Angus and a closeted police detective who treats Kevin as if he’s the criminal, Kevin’s sweet personality intrigues Angus, and he asks Kevin out. But as the two start to become close, the arsonist sets Kevin in his sights and things heat up in unexpected ways. Will Kevin lose his chance at happiness before it even begins? And will Angus quit his love ’em and leave ’em attitude long enough to see the benefits of being honest with himself and Kevin before it’s too late?
I’m really happy I went back to this series for this story. I listened to the first audiobook, but haven’t been back to read or listen to the others in the series. There’s not much I love more than a hot Scotsman in a kilt other than a sweet, smart, cute gay boy and this story has both. Plus a visit with Zach and Bull and the others in their circle was long overdue.
There’s mystery and action in this story as well as heartache, grief, and hope. If you like Andrew Grey’s writing style, this one is typical and brings us full circle on the gang at Bronco’s. There’s also the bonus of the narration by Michael Pauley who brought the characters to life. The voices were all distinctive and unique and that Scottish accent was to die for. Bottom line on this one is pick up the audiobook version. It’s great.




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