Audio Review: Angel Martinez – Fear of Frogs (Brimstone #2)

51vxfiehnnlAuthor: Angel Martinez
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Narrator: Vance Bastian


While Shax recovers from a near fatality, his shipmates have been busy. He’s rather proud of them taking the initiative and finding them a lucrative cargo run. His pride turns to outright horror, though, when he finds out what sort of cargo. Unfortunately, he’ll soon discover that a healthy fear of frogs doesn’t prevent frog-driven disasters. Time travel has never been so messy.


Shax survived a standoff with an Archangel, and the Brimstone crew now have their own fallen angel in Ness, which Verin is trying to tolerate. While Shax has been recovering, Ness and Verin secured them a job, a seemingly legitimate one and he’s happy about that, until he finds out the cargo is frogs! And sadly, neither Verin nor Ness read all the instructions that came with their cargo, which, as often happens with the Brimstone and their crew, leads to their next adventure!

The story is told from Shax and Verin’s point of view.

While I like the idea of audio books, I have not been completely overtaken by them as I’ve found often the idea I have for a character’s voice and the author and voice artist have a different one! I am starting to find a few I like and I really like Vance Bastian’s work on the Brimstone series. He really does capture each of the character personalities, which really comes through on this one for where the crew are required to land and stay at one point. This book introduces Corny – Cornelius DeGroot, the cowboy who unwittingly befriends a group of people from the future!

The story flows quite well between time on the ship, the issue with their cargo, their inability to find their usual ports and finally deciding to land on earth. At the same time, Shax and Ness are navigating new territory for them both since Ness chose to stay on the ship and the shock for Shax that he wanted him to stay! He normally admires, has fun then moves on. And in amongst that, Ness is trying to be useful on the ship so neither Verin nor Shax regret him being there. Then they are on earth and they all learn something new about themselves while they are on a horse ranch!
Then secrets come out and they are on the fun, as they often are at some point in these stories! And Vance managed to go between all these characters, quiet time to action sequences and my favorite character in both reading and listening, Miss Ivana – I love her and I love how Vance does her voice! And through all these change of scenarios, change of emotional tone, Vance keeps the story going and you know who is talking (or thinking) while he takes you on this adventure with the Brimstone crew!

This is a fun book to listen to, there is a humor to the story, as there always is with Brimstone, but one of the things I like about the author, which comes through in the audio, is that while the characters may not be serious all the time, when necessary, they are serious about their crew, their ship and in some cases, taking care of the characters they meet on their adventures.

I really enjoyed it and if you like audio books, including fantasy that is a mix of humor and adventure, I would recommend this one! I hope Vance will eventually be narrating the entire series – I can hardly wait to hear his take on Julian!


Mischief Corner Books 

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