Audio Review: Anna Martin – Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me

51JAkQGNTLLAuthor: Anna Martin
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Narrator: Jesse Cota


and One Time I Kissed Him First

When you realize you want to marry your best friend at age six, life should follow a pretty predictable path, right? Maybe not.

As a kid, Evan King thought Scott Sparrow was the most amazing person he’d ever met. At seventeen, his crush runs a little deeper, and nothing seems simple anymore. Scott is more interested in football and girls than playing superheroes, and Evan’s attention is focused on getting into art school. A late-night drunken kiss is something to be forgotten, not obsessed over for the next ten years.

When life suddenly brings them back together, it doesn’t take much for the flame Evan carried for Scott nearly all his life to come roaring back, and Evan discovers that life sometimes has a strange way of coming full circle.


The beautiful cover and 5(+1) fan fiction trope pulled me in. And it was good, although not as earth shattering or emotional as I expected. I think the way it jumped out of order pulled me out of the story, and I felt as if I were watching it from a distance. Add to that the last 30% being a HEA epilogue, I was kinda losing steam.

We start at their 2nd kiss, and I enjoyed meeting the boys as teens. Already having been friends for a decade they had a great report and I liked them both. Granted, I got a little annoyed at idiots who jump to conclusions and miscommunicate, but teenagers, amiright?! But then I sort of expected everything to continue in order. Instead we learn they’ve had a falling out but only get cryptic alluding to what happened. The big reveal anti-climactic and again, going out of order kept me from getting as emotionally involved as I would have.

So I didn’t love it like I expected, but I did like it. Both families were nice although different from each other, and I appreciated that lack of drama. Once they got together their relationship was also pretty drama free, and enjoyable. Almost too drama free, I’m bummed we didn’t actually get to see the big reveal or get an emotional fallout, Evan is almost too chill about everything. The sex didn’t do much for me. It wasn’t bad at all, just wasn’t enough of something. Either passion or tension or something intense, which may be related to finally getting a sex scene and then finding out there’s another time of separation before the mushy HEA. Was kinda all or nothing.

Jesse Cota did a good job with the narration. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to him before. The pacing was good and the voices were all normal but with some subtle alterations to differentiate from person to person. This book worked as audiobook and I would recommend it if you want a nice slowburn friends-to-lovers that only takes a few decades to figure itself out.


Dreamspinner Press

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