Audio Review: Author – Chevalier (Romanus #2)

51ogzfvws4lAuthor: Mary Calmes
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Fireman Mason James thought finding out he is a Romanus—a rare class of gargoyle—would be the surprise of a lifetime, but he’s proven wrong when he discovers he is the son of a comte and goji nobility. But his newly discovered family doesn’t think his gargoyle lover, Luc, is good enough for a goji of Mason’s stature—how could a warrior ever be? But despite the Moreaus’ uncertainty and elitism, they are Mason’s only chance to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s death, find a solution for the class divide that might separate him from Luc, and discover what it truly means to be a Romanus.

I enjoyed this follow-up to Romanus, but not quite as much as I enjoyed the first book. I believe that’s because this book didn’t carry the same sense of danger and imminent disaster, and though there was some continued world-building, the first one was much more complex.
In book one, firefighter Mason James found an old man walking along a lonely road one night and returned him to his home. There he met the man, or being, or beast, who’s his soul mate. Luc Toussaint recognized Mason for what he is—a Romanus, a half-breed—half-human and half of the same gargoyle species as Luc. But Luc isn’t just a gargoyle. He was born to the protector class and when the two fall in love, Mason has a protector for life.
There’s a whole social structure and hierarchy in their world, a highly creative and imaginative world. In this story, Mason finds out his father, a man he’s never known, requires his presence in France. There he learns the true extent of how his mother died, why she left his father, and most importantly, he learns exactly what a Romanus is. It’s a fairly short story, but packed with information, primarily historical information on the various clans of gargoyles and on the role of the Romanus in bridging the human world to them.

But there’s also intrigue, danger, and a huge gargoyle who protects the crypt where the ancient scrolls that govern all gargoyles are held. The time in his presence was one of my favorite segments of the audiobook as Greg Tremblay gave him an amazing voice. I can’t use names in the review since most of them are French and this being an audiobook, there’s no written words to refer back to. Just my creaky old mind and that fails me when there are so many characters to remember.

Suffice it to say Mason comes into his powers and that includes a strength that combines with his natural streak of stubbornness and allows him to break away from his family of origin to begin his new life with his mate at his side.

Greg Tremblay’s narration, as usual, wasn’t a narration at all—it was a performance by a highly talented voice actor. If you enjoy fantasy, shifters, and/or stories with fated soulmates, this one is perfect for you, and I highly recommend the audiobook version.


Dreamspinner Press

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