Audio Review: Ava Drake – All In (Dreamspun Desires #38)

Author: Ava Drake
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Narrator: John Solo


In crime, like in love, there can be no half measures….

Fashion model Zane Stryker needs money—badly. At almost thirty, his glory days are behind him, and he needs capital to start over. When his luggage is switched with a bag containing contraband he’s forced to deliver, it’s either the worst thing that’s ever happened to him… or the best.

Enter Sebastian Gigoni, formerly of the British Special Forces, who has to decide just where Zane’s loyalty lies and why. Sizzling attraction erupts between them, but that doesn’t mean they can trust each other. They double down in a race for their lives—and their love—but are their purposes at odds? As they struggle to reconcile their goals, their consciences, and the needs of their hearts, one thing is clear—they must go all in or give up altogether.

I generally enjoy the Dreamspun Desires series of romances based on old tropes. Yes, some of them are hokey, but generally they’re well-written and/or well-thought out. This one just didn’t meet the grade for me. I found it too far out in the realm of unreality. The story plot didn’t hold my interest, and the romance was not the least bit genuine. In fact, it wasn’t until the last chapter that I realized the men really did come to care for each other.

Add to that the fact that John Solo’s narration wasn’t as good as it usually was—I didn’t care for the voice he gave to Zane—and overall, it was a disappointment.

As a side note: when an author uses words like “privates” and “nether regions” in the sex scenes in an adult MM romance, I generally roll my eyes. In this one, my eyes rolled so far back, I could see behind me! So the saga described in the blurb, in which the supermodel who needs money just happens to have his bag stolen and the contents replaced with twenty-dollar-bill engraving plates was bizarre from the start. Pursuit by a man who was not only working for an international security firm, but who also happened to be a self-made millionaire and internationally known investor, was a bit too much. Put the two together, mix well, throw in bad guys with underhanded intentions, and shake out a story that was quite subpar. This is one I can’t recommend in e-book or audio version.


Dreamspinner Press 

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