Audio Review: Cardeno C. – All of Me

51u2bswluulAuthor: Cardeno C.
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC
Genre: Paranormal
[xrr rating= 3.5/5]

Narrator: Robert M. Clark


To bond with his destined mate, an Alpha wolf must look past what he sees and trust what he feels.

Bonded by their parents before they were conceived, wolf shifters Abel and Kai adored each other since they were children. As teens, the two future Alphas took the next step in their bonding process and vowed to remain true to one another until Kai came of age. But when tragedy struck, Abel felt betrayed and ran from Kai instead of completing their mating.

Abel never stops yearning for the man who was supposed to lead by his side and after years without contact, Kai returns, broken and on death’s door. If Abel wants to fulfill their destiny and merge their packs, he’ll need to look past what he saw and trust his heart.


This was a short and sweet romance between two alpha shifters who were separated before their final bonding ceremony—separated because when Abel came to claim Kai, he found him having sex with other men. Heartbroken, he left immediately and vowed that he’d never speak to him again.

Ten years later, Abel, now the alpha of his own pack, is shocked to learn exactly why Kai behaved as he did, and he provides the lifeline Kai needs to continue. What follows is the romantic side of this sweet story.

I liked the narration as much as the story itself. Both voices were different, and I felt uplifted by the way the plot unfolded, and that is due in part, to the narrator, Robert M. Clark. Of course, it most certainly is mostly due to the inimitable style and romantic imagination of Cardeno C. But the two together make a great story better.

If you like shifter stories, consider this one. It’s just a few hours long but packed a lot of pleasure into my day so I’m happy to recommend it.



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