Audio Review: D.K. Dunn – Linemates

1795052Author D.K. Dunn
Publisher:DreamSpinner Press LLC
Genre:M/M Sports

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Life is going pretty well for Derek LaVigne. He’s playing professional hockey in Los Angeles where hockey is barely on the radar, and this allows him to live in relative anonymity. Derek’s world is tilted on its axis when he’s traded to the Detroit Wheels. Not only is this one of the top teams in the National Hockey League, he’ll also be playing in a city that lives and breathes hockey. It sounds like a dream come true, but soon enough it becomes clear it isn’t.

The reason for Derek’s change of heart is Trevor Ladouceur. Five years ago Derek and Trevor were linemates on Team Canada at the World Junior Championship. They were inseparable both on and off the ice and became known as the Wonder Twins. After winning the gold medal, they slept together. Trevor was gone the next morning, and they haven’t spoken since. Now they’re together again, and the expectation is for the Wonder Twins to help Detroit win the Stanley Cup. Much to Derek’s dismay, he realizes he’s falling in love with Trevor all over again.
When hockey player Derek LaVigne receives word that he’s been traded from LA to Detroit, he’s excited and nervous to be going to a team that has a chance in the playoffs. To top it off, his first love plays for Detroit, one Trevor Ladouceur, but Trevor is in denial and so deep in the closet, he may never come out.

The duo was known as the Wonder Twins when they played together as linemates on Team Canada at the World Junior Championship and both reporters and fans are looking forward to seeing them in action once more. But if Derek was hoping to get close to Trevor again, he’s deeply disappointed as Trevor rejects even his offer of friendship.

Thankfully, his new teammates welcome him and quickly adapt to him both on and off the ice, and eventually, after multiple disappointing opportunities, he and Trevor seem to have drawn a truce and they begin to play together with the potential others had seen in them. For Derek, even though he cares about Trevor, the game is the most important thing in his life right now and making it to the conference finals is uppermost on his list of goals.

Will the two ever get back to the closeness they shared? Can Trevor let go of his need to appear het long enough to allow room for Derek in his life? Will their team win the Stanley Cup this year? All questions are answered by the dramatic finale. And one little hint—it sure looks like the Wonder Twins will be together longer than just this season.

I really enjoyed this story, my first by this author, and I believe a very large part of my enjoyment is due to the outstanding performance of narrator Michael Pauley. It was very easy to distinguish voices—he had a whole bag full of various tones which he used to lend authenticity to the narration. His dramatic style of presentation was just the icing on the cake. I’m looking forward to more from this author and from this narrator in the future. In the meantime, I highly recommend this audiobook for hours of entertainment.


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