Audio Review: Elle Brownlee – Two for Trust (Dreamspun Desires #34)

Author: Elle Brownlee
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Narrator: Andrew McFerrin

A fairy-tale vacation—if he can get the ending right.

American nurse Finch Mason steps beyond the comfort of his orderly life and takes a dream trip to England, complete with a National Trust Pass so he can visit numerous historical sites. At the first one on his list, he’s warmly welcomed—and told he bought a pass good for two.

Finch doesn’t hesitate to offer the pass to Benedict, a handsome Brit also there on an outing. They spend a magical week touring the countryside, and while it’s too soon to get attached, Finch wishes their time together would never end.

Then Finch finds himself stuck abroad with no money, and he has no one to turn to but Benedict. Benedict is happy to help, but he also owes Finch some answers—such as who he really is and why he was at the estate where they first met.

I’ve read a few stories along the same lines as this one, and of course, that’s to be expected since these Dreamspun Desires books are all based on old tropes, but this one was different in that there was no romance up until the moment the wealthy English peer asked the young American tourist to marry him.

Yes, Finch, the American, was crushing badly on Benedict, the Brit, throughout most of the two weeks of the story, but Benedict was reserved and cool and though it was evident he was coming to care for Finch, he was downplaying it and his feelings weren’t expressed on page—even to himself. In fact, not unexpectedly, he attempted to arrange Finch’s trip itinerary so that he’d stay longer. Manipulation was his primary agenda.

Finch, on the other hand, was a sweetheart and he was crushing on Benedict, but he also believed the Brit was way too far above him to ever picture them together in the long run. As Finch spent time with Benedict’s grandmother and other family members over the holidays, his failure to attract the man’s attention led him to quit dreaming and change his travel plans to be able to leave England early. A big misunderstanding occurred then, of course, but Benedict finally opened his mouth and set the record straight.

So the story was sweet and we know the two will end up together—how could they not in a Dreamspun Desires book? But as I said, it wasn’t much of a romance—more of a story of two men who have a lot in common and remain clueless to each other’s attraction—and being an audiobook I can’t go back to check, but I don’t think there was even a kiss. Maybe one—but I really don’t recall.

Andrew McFerrin did a good job with the narration, and as I said it was a sweet story, so I definitely would recommend the audio version over the e-book version. It’s not very long and it was quite an enjoyable way to spend the weekend.


Dreamspinner Press 

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