Audio Review: Ethan Stone – Lies & Diamonds & Bears (Love, Vegas Style #2)

51fiwr04nnlAuthor: Ethan Stone
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Ethan Stone
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux

Sometimes you do get a second chance at first love

Diamond magnate Sly Carson is headed to the Hotel Incognito, the premier resort for gay men in Las Vegas. He plans to take advantage of the time away from his homophobic father and have as much fun as possible. But the fun ends when he bumps into his old flame, Rory Klein.

Rory’s job working at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center has left him emotionally drained. A few days away was supposed to relax him, but there’s nothing relaxing about facing the man who broke his heart in college.

Twenty years have passed, but time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds. This weekend could be their last chance to make things right, but a confession from Sly could ruin everything.


Wow! There’s a lot of story in this very short audio. Obviously, we don’t get the full history of each character, both of whom are in their forties, but we get enough to make this reunion of past lovers story carry a lot of punch.

Sly and Rory are both heading to the Hotel Incognito, a gay resort in Vegas where anything goes. Sly has had to present his “straight” side to the world in order to succeed in the diamond business owned by his father, a notorious homophobe. He did try to come out when he was in college and in love, but his father threatened to disown him, and he wants to run that company very badly. His only escape from that world is to spend some time “incognito,” and this weekend trip is all for him.

Rory Klein is there for a much-needed vacation—the result of nagging, err… prompting, by his best friend. He needs to shake off his worries, including worries related to his job at a drug and alcohol rehab, and he’s all set to have a good time—until he runs into his old college sweetheart, Sly Carson.

At first, neither man wants to bring up the past, so they decide to shelf any recriminations, but they do decide to hang out together, and what they discover is that they still have so much in common that they can have a great time with each other. In fact, over the course of a few days, they are having such a great time, they want to extend it. But first, they have to face the past, and then they have to get past both geographic hurdles and Sly’s father’s hatred of his son being gay.

I truly enjoyed this story—both the story itself and the narration by Greg Boudreaux. The men were older, and that is always a plus in my book! And they were so much fun together. This is a definite must-pick-up audiobook. Don’t hesitate because it’s pure enjoyment for a solid two hours.



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