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like andAuthor: Jay Bell
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Jay Bell Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Narrator: Kevin Free
Summary: Remember that hunky guy on YouTube who caught your eye? The one with the awesome pecs and killer smile? I bet you couldn’t stop watching his videos. Just imagine if you had a chance to meet him and all your fantasies started coming true. There’s only one catch: Between you and your dream guy is his less-than-pleased boyfriend. They say that love conquers all, but can love conquer love?


This is a short story (49 pages) about Evan, a man who has a serious crush on YouTube phenom, Tony.  Tony is perfect, beautiful face, hot body and killer smile.  “…like each tooth had a manicure…”  Evan wants to marry this man, or at least meet him.  He has the autographed head shot and it’s not enough to just fantasize anymore.  It can happen – they went to high school together.  So maybe Tony has no idea who he is, but he will!

It is during his pursuit of Tony, who is receptive to a hookup, that he meets Tony’s long-suffering boyfriend, Orlando.  The man who is the humanity behind the YouTube beautiful face.  Tony puts Orlando through so much with his selfishness and Orlando, being in love with who he believes Tony can be, makes you want to hug him.  Evan is a little bit immature at the beginning but he grows up and Orlando is instrumental in that.

I liked this so much! Evan and his crush, who really doesn’t deserve what he has, make the way for maybe true love. I liked especially the cautionary aspect of things are not always what they appear as seen on the web. Orlando? Loved him. Absolutely deserves more. And the mention of the furry lover just made me smile. I just liked the whole thing and the narration by Kevin Free was on point.



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