Review: Kiernan Kelly – A Viking (2nd Edition)

51wUFWYfaCLAuthor: Kiernan Kelly
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Time Travel

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 


What’s a Viking to do when he ends up on a Florida beach, surrounded by a world he doesn’t understand, with a hyperactive stockbroker as his only guide? Go back to Chase’s hotel, naturally. Chase thinks Bjorn is eccentric at best, a lunatic at worst, or just maybe the real thing: a Viking from the days of yore. It isn’t easy for Bjorn to admit, but he needs Chase’s help to navigate the confusing modern age. While Chase is trying to clean Bjorn up and help him fit in, Bjorn’s sworn enemy also makes the trek through time. Jorund is eager to plunder this new land and finish the job of killing Bjorn’s family line, all in one blow. Bjorn and Chase will have to set aside their vast differences and work together if either of them wants to survive.


So listen, you can’t take this too seriously. I had tons of little rants throughout reading.

Chase was a bit too bumbling for me, early on. I get that your mind won’t jump immediately to time-traveling-viking, but I do think it would jump to head injury or just plain cray. Chase doesn’t seem to explore these two options very much and is quick to let this huge guy (with a sword) into his hotel room.

Twice I thought there was going to be a teaching moment for Bjorn. 1) Bjorn decided that he wanted Chase but Chase said no thanks. Bjorn was utterly confused since he had raped and pillaged his way across the high seas and no one had ever refused him. So obviously he’s gonna learn a lesson about consent and free-will and respect and… ah wait, wrong book. No means yes apparently, but it’s cool cuz Chase is totes hot for it. 2) Bjorn mentioned that he doesn’t bottom because to do so would be to submit and he is far to strong and manly to do a thing like that! So obv, there’s gonna be super sweeet and loverly scene where he gives up control to Chase and gets Viking pounded to Valhalla right?! Nah. Granted, the comment is appropriate for his character, but why mention it if you aren’t gonna full circle and use it as a example of his growth and that he’s not too traditional and stuck in his ways to fit in in modern times?

They just felt like wasted opportunities to make Bjorn more multi-dimensional and for us to feel more of a connection between the guys. I did like their interactions together, but Chase was staying at that hotel for two weeks!Why not give the guys a few days together at least to develop sexual tension and an emotional bond to keep us on the edge of our seats. It all went down unnecessarily quickly.

And the climx didn’t quite make sense. Even one little sneaky extra chapter at the end (view spoiler) or something silly would have been a nice little *wink *wink. I think that was a wasted opportunity. And kind of a bummer.

But this is novella length, and a light read, and kinda fun, and has hot viking sex. So who am I to judge? I rounded down a tad from 3 stars because I felt I had to with the level of critique I’m giving. But like I said at the beginning, this is what it is. A silly and sexy jaunt.


Dreamspinner Press 

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