Audio Review: Kim Fielding – The Downs

41nwop0za2lAuthor: Kim Fielding
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Audible Studios
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Narrator: K.C. Kelly


As the son of a wealthy man, Enitan Javed has spent his life frivolously — drinking, fighting, and making love. But after his father dies, Enitan is unjustly accused of murdering him and is given the harshest sentence possible. Judged irredeemable, he is banished to the Downs. As even young children know, nothing lives in the Downs except demons who delight in torturing the condemned. Brutalized by the men who transport him to his fate, Enitan has nothing left but his thirst for vengeance.

His plummet to the Downs nearly kills him, and Enitan finds himself battered and helpless in a frightening, mysterious land. But many surprises await him there, including a strange man named Rig. And the realization that the demons he must face aren’t at all the ones he expected.


Rig was very reminiscent of Brute, in the gentle giant sense, and I loved that. It’s not really quite a dystopian as labeled, but it’s certainly an interesting society and I loved watching things unfold through Edi’s eye’s. It got a little slow for me near the end, and for some reason despite the perfect slow burn where I totally felt the chemistry, once they got together the sex wasn’t as earth-shattering as I expected. But I had been worried about Edi’s need for revenge and was very satisfied with the way things worked out. Amazing piece from Ms. Fielding as usual.

I had very fond memories of reading this book, and the audio version did not disappoint. I liked it just as much as I did the first time, no more no less. It was the same narrator that I loved from Brute, and he did a wonderful job with this as well. Rig’s described at having an unusual accent, the narrator basically does a Scottish accent. This does work for this world since Edi is from the “city” which is basically equivalent to the only known civilization, and Rig is from the wild, dangerous, and free Downs. This book is a lovely story of fining love and redemption in the most unexpected of places, and I would highly recommend it another written or book format. Personally, I do always love novella length stories as audio books.



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