Audio Review: Tara Lain – Lord of a Thousand Steps (Love in Laguna #4)

51hm-cMSmJLAuthor: Tara Lain
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Narrator: K.C. Kelly


To architecture student Ian Carney, family means everything. Taken in by his brother, Jim, when his father threw him out at eighteen for being gay, Ian yearns to create his own family with his boyfriend, Rico. But Rico’s in Mexico caring for a sick father, Ian hasn’t had sex in a month and a half, and his gorgeous boss, Braden Lord, CEO of the architectural firm Ian interns for, is looking better and better.

Braden’s life is chaos. Just out of the closet and going through an ugly divorce from his wife of fifteen years who’s trying to take custody of his two children, he desperately resolves not to succumb to a completely inappropriate attraction to Ian—even though his kids adore both the man and his crazy cat.

When Rico proves to be a snake in the grass and Ian exercises his powers of seduction, what starts as a “friends with benefits” fling turns into real life real fast. Can Ian give up his romantic dreams for an “old guy” who didn’t come out until he carried a mountain of baggage? It’ll only take a thousand steps.


I liked this a lot, although there were a few things that didn’t make this a full 4-star read for me. Why did things have to be so quick at the end? Maybe let things settle a tad? They haven’t been together too long. But fine, I’m happy. Obviously that’s where this relationship is headed, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it NOW. Just seemed too much too fast.

I was feeling their chemistry and couldn’t wait for the steamy sex scene and thennnnnn, they were goofy and a bit cheesy and kinda out of character even. I love laughing during sex, but this didn’t feel sweet and romantic, it was just meh and didn’t have the emotional whammy that I was expecting.

Lastly was the Rico situation. It was good at first as a foil to Braden’s feelings and character development with Ian. Then Ian was being oblivious and unrealistically naive but okay, love-blind. Then he was being flat-out pathetic and unbelievably obtuse, but okay, denial. Then I was just over it. And then it got even more ridiculous.

BUT I gave this 3.5 stars! Because I liked these guys. They were sweet and despite their “romance” (I air quote because Ian wasn’t aware of it till past the halfway mark) having it’s obstacles, it was never because of a stupid miscommunication or crazy plot twists. Relatively low angst. The kids were a great addition and I liked the way they as people were dealt with. Anyway, I just enjoyed it.

And of course K.C. Kelly’s narration always wins me over. This is a case where I think that I liked the book better listening to it than I would have if I’d read it. I love his voice, his pacing, and the way he can imbue emotion into characters without over-acting or making things feel too angsty. He’s pretty much an auto-buy narrator for me, I don’t love everything he reads but I always enjoy the narration and he brings an extra something to the books.


Dreamspinner Press 

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