Bea LaRocca – Worth Waiting For

worth waitingAuthor: Bea LaRocca
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Siren
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Worth Waiting For Dare to Dream 3 is a M/M Erotic Romance.
Literary Agent, Marcus Anderson falls in love at first sight when Nick Stevens walks into the office. Unfortunately, he soon learns that Nick is already in a committed relationship. Determined to keep his feelings to himself, Marcus maintains a polite distance, but when he goes to sleep at night, Nick is the leading man in all of his erotic dreams.
Until the night that Marcus runs into Nick in a crowded bar. Now he struggles to keep his passionate feelings to himself in order to be the friend that Nick so desperately needs

Review: A very cool thing about this story is that it is set in the office of literary agents! Marcus is a partner at the agency with his best friend, Claire. Nick is a lawyer who works there. Nick also has been jumped by his incredibly insensitive and jerk-off boyfriend, Kyle. Since he moved across country to be with Kyle, he’s now in the position of having to make a decision. Is he going to stay with the agency? Go back home? Since Kyle decided to dump him on New Year’s, Nick has it rough in terms of holiday. What he ends up doing is getting totally drunk. Luckily, Marcus is there to keep him safe.

Adding in to Nick’s stress is the fact that his douche ex wasn’t entirely certain he had been completely safe, so now Nick has to worry about being tested for disease. The fact that he leaves his hometown doctor a drunken voice mail just made me respect his doctor all the more.

Marcus is a lovely character, having loved Nick from afar since the minute he saw him. Since Marcus has integrity, he has never made a move on the taken Nick but has filled a friend role. Nick, of course, does make a snide comment while drunk that hurts Marcus and you want to slap Nick. Obviously Nick had some idea of Marcus’ feelings but come on, the man was totally respectful! And to make it worse, Nick can’t remember later what was said or what happened after.

Marcus has a nasty past with his parents and so friendships mean all the more to him. This is where I have to admit, I disliked Claire so much. She is Marcus’ so called “best friend” but she violates confidences like it’s nothing and really, I’d hate to have a friend like her. Doing things for “his own good” just don’t wash when someone completely trusts you. She makes promises she has no intentions of keeping (crossing her fingers under the table like a child) and there are times when what should have been a sharing moment between Marcus and Nick is spoiled because Claire already opened her mouth.

I hope Chris gets his story, because I liked him and felt bad for him. There are times here that Nick just comes across as such a jerk but you have to remember, he’s working on it. The misunderstanding that happens is one I could see actually happening, mainly because of the difference in where Marcus and Nick started.

All in all, I liked the story and the characters were realistic, flawed and imperfect, which made it better for me. I should add that while this is part of a series, I hadn’t read the previous books and I didn’t find I needed to.  This is a standalone that works just as it is.

As just a random note, as a dedicated namer of inanimate objects (yes, I named my car, my iPad, etc) I am on board with Jason, who has a pickup named Matt. Secondly, I loved the dedication of this book and I agree wholeheartedly. Kudos to you!

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