Interview and Giveaway – Max Vos: V-Unit

V_unit_600x900Welcome!!  Happy to have you and let’s go…

 What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever written?

Howdy y’all. Thanks to Heart’s on Fire for letting me drop in.
The most difficult thing I’ve ever written was P.O.W. The horrors of war are bad enough, but when some of our foes use sex and part of torture, well, that was just rough to do. In the end, they all got their HEA, which was nice.

 If you could be one of your characters, which one would it be? Is this … Continue reading

Laura Harner – Tour and Contest!

1Book 1 – Ty Hard
Tyler has used Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a shield against the truth since he was seventeen. Cut loose from his Navy career and mourning his mentor’s death, Ty must come to terms with his desire for another man, even while he fights to keep his PTSD from pulling him under. Rancher Cass Cartwright’s relationships never last more than a few hours, and that’s just the way he likes it. Now he’s done the one thing he swore never to do: fallen in love. Can … Continue reading

Giveaway – With Pride by Megan Derr

BLURB:When his sister falls ill, Kristof is ordered to assume a duty never meant for him: become the Duke of Stehlmore and marry a notorious Prince of the Blood. It is one of the oldest honors and duties undertaken by his family, but Kristof feels only resentment that he must leave behind all he knows to serve an arrogant half-demon.

His resentment must be set aside, however, when evil is found lurking far too close to the castle—an evil that has many pieces, controlled by someone they cannot find … Continue reading

Giveaway – No Ocean Too Deep by Leona Carver

no oceanBLURB:To buck the brutal rule of the Republic, Amirzade Sharouk and his men pull off a desperate plan: Destroying the Republic’s fleet by joining forces with the legendary sea folk, masters of the leviathans, immense living weapons born of the sea and magic.

Though the gamble succeeds, one of the leviathans vanishes with a valuable human, straining an already tenuous alliance. Her caretaker Nils needs to find her as quickly as possible to redeem himself before his superiors. His search is further burdened by Dastyaf, a furious human warlord and … Continue reading

Elizabeth Noble – Electric Candle Tour with contest!

20342786Electric Candle:  When a vampire finds his soul mate, the bond is forever. It’s love at first sight. Or is it?

Flint, Ohio Homicide Detective Jonas Forge has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. He’s fought wars, seen life go from the simple but hard colonial days to the modern high tech world. He’s evolved with the times, adapting with each new era, blending into each new life. The one constant is his best friend and lover, Declan.

Until Forge’s soul mate tumbles, literally, into his life.

Even though they’re … Continue reading

Lexi Ander – RainbowCon Tour and Giveaway!

Authors, Cons, Drawings, meeting Heidi, oh, and a Giveaway

Alpha TrineThis is my first year attending a Con as an author, and I have to admit, it is a little daunting. I’m terrified that I’m going to forget something or suddenly turn mute or say that wrong thing on one of my panels or the author Q & A. I haven’t been asked many random questions and I just know that I’m going to have that moment when my mind goes blank and I’ll get that deer-in-the-headlights look.

I … Continue reading

Not in the Stars Tour with contest – Angel Martinez, Freddy Mackay, Toni Griffin, Mathilde Watson





Blurb: Since the dawn of human expression, man has gazed up at the heavens in wonder, inspired by the wheeling of the stars to explain his surroundings. While our perception of those surroundings have changed, from thinking of the Earth as a flat, stable plane to realizing we’re falling through space in a tiny atmospheric bubble, our wonder remains constant.

Space stations, alien races, far-flung planets—join the Mischief Corner authors as they explore the possibilities the stars might offer. The catch? Returning to mundane old Earth might … Continue reading

Giveaway game – A Gay Romance by Kyle Adams and Gina Rogers!

Solve the puzzles!  Send your answers to the emails below (please do not comment!) by 4/18! KYLE’S GAME – 

A Gay Romance Word Search 

The puzzle:

Every ALPHA knows the most important part of a balanced diet is

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


To get the answer find all of the words listed below, then unscramble the remaining 19 letters to fill in the blanks. (Right click the puzzle to save and print it to make finding the words easier).


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Giveaway – Mind to Body by Sandra Bard


On record, Hideki Takamura is the Inspector sent to examine space station Grand Adventure to ensure it meets all safety requirements. In reality, he has been sent to destroy it, and there is an evacuation fleet two weeks behind him. If he fails, it will be his mother and sister who suffer for it—but the job is easier when planning than in reality, especially when it comes to Tyler, the aggravating pilot who will not stay out of his way.

  • Words: 34,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi

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Giveaway – Everywhere I Look by Jude Dunn

Hakusan Angel - coverBLURB:Paul Noren hates himself for never confessing his love to Peter Nichols, a war-weary mecha pilot sent to Mars via the Phobos Initiative, the first manned mission outside the Earth-Moon system, where he is now completely out of reach.

On a return trip to Earth, Peter collapses from illness right as he touches down, the unwitting victim of the illegal actions of a scientist who was part of the Phobos Initiative. While recovering, he is approached with a chance to help capture the man who almost killed him—but … Continue reading