Giveaway – Megan Derr – Come to Me (Black Magic #2)

come to meThe roles of High Paladin and High Necromancer do not allow for much free time, even less where they might spend it together. When they do finally obtain some time to spend with each other, Sorin and Koray find there are still doubts and fears between them that will take more than time to overcome …


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Giveaway – And We Went

and we went
Small town life in the 1950s wasn’t easy for Roger, born into a rigid family headed by a preaching father, struggling to balance expectations with his growing feelings for his best friend, Billy. Though they fight to overcome the odds, it all seems futile when Billy goes missing and Roger must balance family, a stalker, and blackmail if he hopes to live long enough to love

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Giveaway – Rockin Hard 2

rocking hard 2Less Than Three Press presents the second of three volumes of amazing stories along the theme of rock ‘n roll. Authors familiar and new combine for a collection of stories all about music and love.

Currently running as an LT3 Serial

FALLEN ANGEL by Kayla Bain-Vrba

When Jackson lands a job to join his favorite band on tour for a few weeks, he think he’s finally gotten his chance. An unexpected attraction to the band’s frontman, however, adds complications to the tour that neither of them wants. Trying to … Continue reading

Keira Andrews – Guest Post and Giveaway

As a lifelong fan of figure skating it was a real pleasure to write my new book, Cold War. Pairs skating has always captivated me with its mix of exciting — and dangerous — throws, lifts and twists, and the romance of two people performing together in perfect unison.

I’m a stickler for details, so even though I regularly watch skating each season and attend competitions, I did a lot of research to make sure I got the little things right. I watched many videos and relived some of my favorite pair performances. Here are a few to whet your … Continue reading

Giveaway – Ice by L.J. LaBarthe

iceKoby is a graduate student specializing in the cohabitation of dead and living cells in a single body, a course of study that requires he spend two years working in the labs at the parium mines in Antarctica, where he will assist in experiments conducted on the vampire prisoners kept there.

Expecting little more than a tedious assignment, despite the dangers of the environment and the dangerous vampires sentenced to the mines for life, Koby instead discovers a dome of horrors, where the persons in charge cannot be trusted and the … Continue reading

Giveaway – Safe Passage by Kate Owen

While doing renovation on the old New Orleans home inherited from her great aunt, Jules discovers an old safe filled with letters written in French—and code. Enlisting the aid of a local French teacher, the beautiful Gen, Jules slowly begins to learn the truth of her great grandfather’s death …

Word count: 28,000
Pairing: F/F
Content: Contains some explicit content.


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Giveaway – J.L. Merrow Relief Valve (The Plumber’s Mate #2)


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing since plumber Tom Paretski and P.I. Phil Morrison became connected at the heart, if not always at Tom’s dodgy hip. Neither of their families has been shy about voicing their disapproval, which hasn’t helped Tom’s uneasy relationship with his prickly older sister, Cherry.

But when Cherry is poisoned at her own engagement party, the horror of her near death has Tom’s head spinning with possible culprits. Is it her fiance Gregory, a cathedral canon with an unfortunate manner and an alarming … Continue reading

Author Giveaway – Cardeno C

 walk Leave a comment by 2/5 for a random chance to win one book of your choice from Cardeno’s Home Series, including the upcoming Walk With Me (Home #7)!  Read Mandy’s review here.  Walk With Me will be released February 7 from Dreamspinner Press.  Buy Link


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Hurri Cosmo – Interview and giveaway

A warm welcome during a freezing winter to Hurri Cosmo!

servantYour upcoming book, The Servant Prince, is fantasy.  How did you come up with this idea?

Actually this idea developed over a couple of years.  It is pretty complex for me and so long it ended up being split into two books, each over 65,000 words.  I do tend to ramble. J   What I think is fun about this question and happy that it was asked is it’s kind of fun for me to say (this is going to sound strange) … Continue reading

Slow Burn Tour – Sam Morgan


BLURB: Detective Douglas Brody has only ever known the life of a cop. Raised strict but fair by his police chief father, he joined the academy right out of school, climbed the ranks hard and fast, and now works homicide for the City of Charleston.  The job is his entire life. For years it’s kept him happy enough to minimize the side of him that craves what he believes is wrong. When an accident on the job puts him temporarily off duty, everything in Brody’s world changes. He … Continue reading