January Interview and Giveaway – Stephani Hecht

 Come dish with the versatile Stephani Hecht… 

1)   What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?

“Get this straight, you can use a Leopard in a mission, you can send him out to kill for you. Hell, you can even fuck one. The one thing you can never, ever do is trust one. Leopards by nature are cold, emotionless and psychotic. They were made with one purpose and that was to destroy others. So whatever you do, don’t turn your back on one and you sure as hell don’t fall in love with one of the batshit, crazy loons … Continue reading

January 2013 – Interview and Giveaway Daisy Harris

We jump and down to talk with the Queen of the College Men – Daisy Harris. 

 HI! Thank you for allowing me a fangirl moment at GRL.   Particularly since the Holsum College men are on my list of favorites.  Where did you get the idea to write a college series?

I was so flattered by your fan girl moment! GayRomLit was the first event I’ve been to where readers knew who I was, and it was such an awesome and humbling experience. I had one reader pass a booth where I was hanging out with Kelli Collins, editor at Ellora’s … Continue reading

December Interview and Giveaway – Amy Lane

We sit down to discuss fluffy and angsty with the queen of both – Amy Lane.  Let’s pick up our knitting…

1)    As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  

A storyteller—of any stamp.  My favorite part of teaching was telling the stories and having the students go, “Aha!  Those people are much like me!”  And the whole time, I was dreaming of the stories I wanted to tell.  It’s the thing that lights me up inside.

2)    Reality tv.  Fan or foe?   Fit me with armor!  Where is my sword!  Lay about with maces … Continue reading

December Interview and Giveaway – DC Juris

We curl up to talk to the so adorable DC Juris…

  • Where did you get inspiration? Do you have a muse? My characters just sort of walk up and tap me on my proverbial shoulder. I don’t get inspiration like most authors – I don’t see a thing or hear a song and think of a story. My stories just sort of happen.
  • Brown-Eyed Handsome Man was absolutely both sad and hopeful.  Where do you think Drake ends up? Oh, thank you! 🙂 I’m pretty sure Drake ends up pursuing life as the man he’s meant to be. There’s definitely … Continue reading
  • December Interview and Giveaway – Ava March

    We sit down for a proper tea with the very correct Ava March…

    What made you decide to write Regency?

    I read nothing but m/f Regency romances for years, so when my own stories started spinning in my head, they were Regency-set. I love the grandeur and excess of the Regency time period. The gorgeous clothes, the strict adherence to proper decorum. Gentlemen were true gentlemen…but that did not mean they could not get up to some naughty fun behind closed doors.

    Have you written any m/f books? Any contemporary?

    I write m/f sensual Regency romances under the pen name … Continue reading

    November Interview and Giveaway – Astrid Cooper

    Kevin goes Down Under to chat with Astrid Cooper… 

    1)   So what is life like in Australia? 

    Australia is a land of contrasts:  Harsh deserts and lush rainforests all teeming with unique flora and fauna. Most Americans who visit Australia are impressed by the friendly people and relaxed lifestyle, the wide open spaces, the endless white beaches… Most Aussies live in the coastal regions, but others live in rural towns, or in the ‘back of beyond’ (i.e., in the true outback such as you would have seen in the film “Crocodile Dundee”). I find that life, as anywhere, is what … Continue reading

    November Interview and Giveaway – Kim Dare

    1) What do you do when you are not writing? I have a seven-month-old Chihuahua called Anwen. She thinks I should spend every minute pandering to her whims and stroking her ears. Quite a lot of time goes toward humouring her on that issue. Apart from that, I like crafts, feeding my pin-interest addiction, reading, and collecting way too many things. At the moment, I’m reading a great book by Terry Pratchett—he’s my all-time favourite author. My current collecting focus is nude statues, which I’m using to decorate my writing room. If I’m honest, I also spend a lot … Continue reading

    November Interview and Giveaway – Allison Cassata

    Allison Cassatta does a three some with Lucy and Aggie…   Interview that is.   

    1. Where did you get the idea for Dear Diary?

    It’s funny, and not so funny all the same. There was something going around facebook and people were posting pictures from their senior proms. Anyway, I noticed that a lot of my gay friends took girls to their prom and shortly before that, there was a huge scandal not far from where I lived, where a girl wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom and the school said no. Anyway, they ended up cancelling … Continue reading

    October Interview and Giveaway – DJ Manly

    The fabulous DJ Manly sits down with Kevin to dish…

    1) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Actually, I wanted to be a cop. I have always craved adventure and excitement. I never thought about being a writer until some teacher told me I had a ‘gift.’ I would have loved to do theatre. I love acting.
    2) Where are you from? I’m from Canada. I live in Quebec.
    3) How has your upbringing influenced your writing?
    Enormously. When I read the biographies of writers, I realize most of them didn’t have a … Continue reading

    October Interview and Giveaway – Scarlet Hyacinth

    A little sizzling and a lot of simmering from the pen of Scarlet Hyacinth, dishing with Kevin…

    1)      What do you do when you are not writing?

    When I’m not writing, I read :). I was a reader before I was a writer and that part of me still demands being given attention. I also like listening to music and traveling. I find a lot of inspiration in the beautiful landscapes of the Romanian mountains and in the melodies of my favorite rock bands.

    2)      What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

    Mint and chocolate ice cream. For scorching … Continue reading