Anita Clenney – Awaken the Highland Warrior

Author: Anita Clenney
Reviewed by:
Sourcebooks, Inc.
M/F Historical Highlands
ISBN 13:


I admit to a weakness for Highlander stories.  I love the era, the strong men, the trouble, and the kilts.  What I don’t love is the tendency for the females in the Highlander stories to be clingy, soft ladies who constantly need rescuing by the big Alpha males.  So, it was a very pleasant surprise to get to know the heroine of this book, Bree Kirkland.  … Continue reading

Jamie Craig – Outcast Mine

 Jamie Craig
Reviewed by
: Don
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M Science Fiction
ISBN 13: 9781426891199


The Lonan and the Athess systems have been at war for ages.  The Athess secretly hold a prison planet where a precious ore is mined by prisoners and sold on the black market.  Jasak is head guard of the planet and an honorable man.  He believes in the rightness of what he is doing at all times until a prisoner, Aleron, gets under his skin.  Jasak starts to bend … Continue reading

Susan Crandall – Seeing Red

 Susan Crandall
Reviewed by
: Tara
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN 13: 9780446178570


Seeing Red by Susan Crandall opens with a fourteen year old Ellis Greene awaiting the sentencing of Hollis Alexander, the man responsible for the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of her cousin Laura. Following the guilty verdict, Alexander makes a promise to Ellis that she’ll pay for the testimony that put him away and she can only pray that he’ll never be released to make good on that promise.

It’s … Continue reading

Lena Austin – Man vs. Wild

 Lena Austin
Reviewed by
: Don
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Shape Shifter (Male/Male)
ISBN 13: 9781605211183


Foxxe Wylder is the closeted star of his own survival reality show. On a shoot in Yellowstone, Foxxe meets Reno and finally finds someone that he can’t survive without. Problem is that Reno is a coyote shifter who becomes Foxxe’s co-star
and lover.

This was a very good story but I wish it was a much longer book.
Reno and Foxxe blended together beautifully.

Brenda Jackson – Taming Clint Westmoreland

 Brenda Jackson
Reviewed by
: Chad
Publisher: Silhouette (An imprint of Harlequin Enterprise, LTD)
Genre: Romance
ISBN 13: 9780373768509


Another Westmoreland man is tamed; this time around it is Clint.

Ex-Texas Ranger Clint learns that he is still married to Alyssa Barkley, but the only way to get the marriage annulled is to live together for 30 days on Clint’s horse ranch. Talk about steamy, Brenda Jackson tells a story that lingers in your heart long after your finished, leaving you wanting and wishing … Continue reading

Shannon K. Butcher – No Control

 Shannon K. Butcher
Reviewed by
: Mark
Publisher: Forever, an imprint of Hachette Book Group USA, Inc.
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN 13: 978-0-446-618663


They’re absolutely no hiding for Miss Lana Hancock and she also knows about danger and betrayal. In recent months, she was captured by Swarm, a terrorist group who has a member who stood back and did nothing to help her; a man who possessed sinfully dark eyes and has a rugged appearance. And when she thinks she’s finally freed, she’s captured again by … Continue reading

Alexey Braguine – Kingmaker

 Alexey Braguine
Reviewed by
: Mark
Publisher: Lightsword Publishing
Genre: Suspense
ISBN 13: 9780980073348


You probably would never guess what this story would be about just by reading the title, or maybe you would think it was some kind of a historical, or wouldn’t think it would be about a former CIA operative named John Trager who tries to find his true self and the reason for self-sacrifice as he travels to Africa and meets up with an anthropologist name Simone Loriot and her passionate quest … Continue reading

Alan Cook – Honeymoon for Three

 Alan Cook
Reviewed by
: Mark
Publisher: Author House
Genre: M/F Suspense
ISBN 13: 978-1-4343-0950-1


It’s 1964, 10 years after ‘The Hayloft’. Gary Blanchard and Penny, the love of his life, whom he met in a L.A. computer matching service and strongly believe they are meant for each other; they decide to take a trip and will be getting married on the way. Little do they know, a man named Alfred, a classmate of Penny’s, is following because he thinks he and Penny are soul … Continue reading

Anna DeStefano – The Perfect Daughter

 Anna DeStefano
Reviewed by
: Chad
Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN 13: N/A


A new book by Anna is sheer bliss, The Perfect Daughter is a great story, and it showcases Anna’s storytelling powers at the top! Anna DeStefano writes heartfelt and insightful love stories that are so very real! I know Anna has a great future ahead of her as a HOT and TALENTED author and her fans are cheering, LOUD!!!!