Sam C. Leonhard – 1989

Author: Sam C. Leonhard
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:  9781613726259

This short tells the story of Theo Wellis, a desperately unhappy man.  He’s never kissed a man, but came close once.  Unfortunately, it was his best friend, Luke, and Theo panicked and pushed Luke away.  With tragic consequences.  Since then years have passed and he is a heavy smoker, married to a soon-to-be-ex wife who never loved him which is fair since he never loved her either.  He is absolutely trashed … Continue reading

Clare London – Payback (True Colors #3)

Author: Clare London
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781613724170

This is the third installment of the story of Zeke and Miles. Zeke is an artist who met businessman Miles when Miles was buying Zeke’s failing art gallery. They turn out to be a case of opposites attracting, and have been together for a while. At one point (in book two), Zeke deliciously “tortured” Miles in his office and Miles promised, yes, Payback. This short story is the scene in … Continue reading

Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht – Helpful Swan

Author: Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781607355069

This is a great new take on the Cinderella story, only this time with men! I believe it is a good combination between sci-fi, fantasy and a little touch of fairytales thrown in.

Cadell Shumaker has wanted Prince Kedrik from the first day he saw him, but he knew Kedrik was not ready yet for a mated relationship. So he watched from afar till Kedrik was ready to … Continue reading

Asha King – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Circle of Friends #1)

Author: Asha King
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: M/F Contemporary

Derica Washington is part of a group of close friends who bond together and get each other through bad times. The fact that she has a not-to-be-acted-on crush on one of them, Joshua Lee Merrill, (J.L.) is just part of keeping the friend circle complete. The friends gather for an emergency cheer up session when J.L.’s girlfriend of almost a year dumps him, and dumps him badly. … Continue reading

Pearl Love – Burnt Offerings

Author: Pearl Love
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Bittersweet
ISBN 13: 9781613721803

Wow this is a tough book to review because quite honestly I don’t see it as a bittersweet story even though that’s what Ms Love is calling it. Alen has always been a shy, reclusive type of child growing up into a beautifully attractive young man. He has no friends because his beauty either makes the townspeople either jealous or lusty. He spends all of his time in a tiny … Continue reading

Amber Kell – Switching Payne

Author: Amber Kell
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Silver
Genre: MM Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781614956044

Braxton and Payne are very much in love and have been together for about three years. Payne has major PTSD due to being repeatedly raped and beaten for years by his father following the death of his mother. Due to this, Brax and Payne never have sex where penetration is involved. Payne can’t and Braxton doesn’t enjoy bottoming at all. Braxton is a very wealthy … Continue reading

Susan Laine – Twice by Chance

Author: Susan Laine
Reviewed by: Valentina
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781613724675

Right away, at the very prologue, I was riveted to my seat with eyes firmly focused on the screen and the freaking hot scene happening at the back of a taxi. Addy experienced a life changing moment as he watched one man debauch the other in the most sexiest of ways. The gorgeous stranger even while dressed captivated Addy, and became the driving force behind his future fantasies. A stranger … Continue reading

TJ Klune – Who We Are

Author: TJ Klune
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 13: 9781613724606

I fought my way through the first two hundred pages of this book and got teary at times in the last one hundred pages. I think is was just a little bit too much of a good thing that made me feel like I was re-reading Bear, Otter and the Kid which I loved the first time. This book picked up right where the last one left … Continue reading

Lee James – Errors And Omissions

Author: Lee James
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781613723579

Woo Hoo!!!! Lee James did it again! The author of the short story, A Crack In Time, (which I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing), made me a happy gal with his m/ m mystery novel, Errors And Omissions. Vastly different from A Crack In Time, Errors takes place in present day, Los Angeles, where Kirk MacGregor, a soon-to-be-divorced gay man, works as a detective in his father’s law … Continue reading

Kayla Jameth – Alexio’s Fate

Author: Kayla Jameth
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13: N/A

I found this to be a great, well researched and well written book. Being a fantasy fan of the old Greek Gods and all didn’t hurt either. Alexios is the heir to the throne of Dicaea and has come of age for betrothal and finding a mentor. All of a sudden the whole of Alexios’ world is turned upside down. He does not want a wife and sees no reason … Continue reading