Audio Review: Victoria Sue – Who We Truly Are (Enhanced #2)

Author: Victoria Sue
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Narrator: Nick J. Russo


Talon’s deadly abilities are spiraling out of control. Desperate to keep Finn safe, Talon struggles to protect the man he loves with all his heart, and not become the greatest risk to Finn’s life.

Finn has no choice but to offer himself as bait for the evil forces kidnapping enhanced children, facing danger he is untrained and unprepared for, and he is having … Continue reading

Review: RJ Scott and VL Locey – Poke Check (Harrisburg Railers #4)

Author: RJ Scott and VL Locey
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Genre: Mm Sports

Summary: One scorching summer in each other’s arms could never be enough.

Stanislav “Stan” Lyamin is happy playing for the Railers. The towering goalie is well-loved, respected, and making a home for himself even though that home only contains him, his cat, and his growing Pokemon trading card collection. Stan prefers it that way. He’d given his heart to a man in a secret … Continue reading

Review: Claire Davis and Al Stewart – Nobody’s Butterfly

Author: Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Genre: Mm

Summary: Cobweb ghosts are so inconvenient—especially grumpy ones with bad breath. Don’t they know silence is golden?

Johnny Strong is the expert; he hasn’t spoken in two years. Not one word to anyone except the ghost. The main purpose of life is to avoid people and not get noticed. Friends? He doesn’t need them; and certainly nobody wants him despite what the ghost says.

Until … Continue reading

Review: RJ Scott – Seth & Casey

Author: RJ Scott
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Love Lane
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: Seth Wild is a fire fighter who has lost everything. Nearly dying in a building collapse, he is scared and angry and chases away the only good thing in his life—school teacher Casey McGuire.

When a sudden and violent snow storm hits their town he receives a message Casey and ten kids are trapped in an education centre center with no way out. There is no one … Continue reading

Review: Megan Slayer – Sparkling New Year

Author: Megan Slayer
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Mm

Summary: Dating and Aydin Madison haven’t been good friends. He’s shy, bookish and would rather be with his set designs than most people. He knows his way around the theater, but his love life is non-existent. He knows whom he’d like to date–Brandon Kidd, the boy du jour of the art school. He’d love to rub Brandon the right way. It’s too bad Brandon doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

Review: Lisa Henry/J.A. Rock – The Preacher’s Son

Author: Lisa Henry/J.A. Rock
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Contemporary


Jason Banning is a wreck. His leg’s been blown to hell in Afghanistan, his boyfriend just left him and took the dog, and now he’s back in his hometown of Pinehurst, Washington, a place that holds nothing but wretched memories…and Nathan Tull. Nathan Tull, whose life Jason ruined. Nathan Tull, who will never believe Jason did what he did for a greater good. Nathan Tull, whose reverend father … Continue reading

Audio Review: Victoria Sue – The Alpha Heir (Kingdom of Askara #2)

Author: Victoria Sue
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Paranormal

Narrator: Joel Leslie


Man and wolf. Sworn enemies in the battle for Askara. Can hate and betrayal ever lead to love?
Caleb Harken has spent six years wrongfully imprisoned for his father’s treachery. Tortured and reviled by the very wolf pack he should have been leading as Alpha, he is not surprised to learn he’s finally to meet his death at the hands of the human … Continue reading

Review: T.N. Tarrant – Christmas Ain’t So Bad

Author: T.N. Tarrant
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Mm

Summary: Ian Durden hates Christmas, but his boyfriend Max Anderson loves it.

Ian Durden is pretty comfortable in his life. He lives in a not-too-small small town, has a decent, steady job, some good friends, and a boyfriend who’s great except for one thing: Max Anderson absolutely loves Christmas. And Ian hates it. With a passion. This could be a problem…

Review: Max and Ian have been … Continue reading

Review: Layla Reyne – Relay (Changing Lanes #1)

Author: Layla Reyne
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM

Summary: Captain is not a title Alejandro “Alex” Cantu takes lightly. Elected by his teammates to helm the US Men’s Swim Team, he proudly accepts the role, despite juggling endless training, team administrative work, and helping out on the family farm. And despite his ex-lover, Dane Ellis—swimming’s biggest star—also making the Olympic Team.

Dane has been a pawn in his celebrity parents’ empire from crib to pool, flashing his … Continue reading

Review: Tinnean – Silver Bells

Author: Tinnean
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Mm

Summary: Max Futé and Avery “Smitty” Schmidt are both doctors who work for the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security. They’ve settled into a comfortable relationship, and although Max assures him otherwise, Smitty is waiting for the other shoe to drop. That will be when Charles Browne, Max’s former lover, realizes what he’s let slip through his fingers and comes to take Max back.

Although Charles had enjoyed … Continue reading