Wynn Wagner – Brent: The Heart Reader

Author: Wynn Wagner
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Mystic Ways
: M/M New Age

Let me start out by saying that Wynn Wagner is great author and absolutely blew me away with his Vamp Camp Series. Because of that I was expecting so much from this book, but it missed the mark for me in several ways. First, I am not a big fan of instant love which is present here and second the ending was weaker than what I’ve come to … Continue reading

Stevie Woods – Stone by Stone

Author: Stevie Woods
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher:  Amber Quill Press
: M/M Historical
ISBN 13: 9781611241679


“Andrew would not refute his belief that it was man who found fault with the love between men, and not God”.

Thus begins the story of Brother Mark, the Benedictine monk , and one of the King Henry Commissioner s, Andrew,  and the beginning of their lives together as well as apart. One the thing that is a constant in this book this that the … Continue reading

Vic Winter – Not Sexy and I Know It

Author: Vic Winter
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Winston is a nice guy, who tends to look at himself fairly negatively.  He is “not sexy and I know it”.  When he is at a club, watching everyone dance to the “wiggle wiggle wiggle” and knowing he can’t do it, he finds himself in the arms of a dancer (albeit his back to his mystery man’s chest), while his partner assures him, they CAN dance.  He holds Winston and … Continue reading

Sachael’s Test: Serena Yates (Celestial Justice #5)

Author: Serena Yates
Reviewed by: Cat
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781614955306


What if you’re the angel of water and suddenly face more droughts and floods than even you can bring back into balance?

Sachael has been the angel of water for centuries. He used to love his job, but humans have caused serious droughts and more suffering than he can stand. He performs a miracle which brings rain to East Africa, but is caught and appears before the … Continue reading

Shannon West – Training Tristan

Author: Shannon West
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher:  Secret Cravings
: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781618851949

First and foremost I believe this title is all wrong. Now! Now!  Hear me out first. I believe it should be called Training Jed. Why you may ask? Well here it goes.

Tristan is a shy, young and attractive bottom boy looking for the man of his dreams.  Of course, sometimes you have to deal with the toad along the way. Tristan has been abused all his … Continue reading

Eden Winters- Same Time Next Year

Author: Eden Winters
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781611522754

This was a tough book to rate because on one hand I felt that it was a story of not moving on; never actually getting past the grief and loss to the fond remembrance. It seemed like a story of a man stuck in the past.  Yet, underneath it all that didn’t feel right.

Greg and Jerome are young recent college grads, best friends since childhood and now they are in … Continue reading

Jamieson Wolf – Discovery The Fruit Machine

Author: Jamieson Wolf
Reviewed by: 
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN:  9781771010481

This was one of the most confusing books that I have ever read.  I normally enjoy Mr. Wolf’s writing and story telling ability so I’m going to chalk this painful story up to it being the beginning of a series and the need to lay a foundation.

The Guiding House of Light, or the Guides, have taken over all government on Spero and rules with an iron fist.  Books have been outlawed, television … Continue reading

Stuart Wakefield and Zahra Owens – Isali Dreams

Authors: Stuart Wakefield and Zahra Owens
Reviewed By:  Kevin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
: M/M Sci Fi
ISBN 13: 9781613723739

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned or a supreme being hell bent on destroying her intended groom. Isali is the lone survivor of a ship landing on an outpost, where he meets Everett,  a diplomat and linguist sent to bring him back to quarantine.  But Isali is not what he seems and the only way he can speak to Everrett is … Continue reading

Wynn Wagner – Fangs Over America (Vamp Camp #4)

Author: Wynn Wagner
Reviewed by:  Kevin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781613724248

Fangs Over America is the fourth in the Vamp Camp series and I have to say I am glad Wynn Wagner saved the best for last.  Mårten Larsson has yet to learn his big mouth only gets him in trouble. Now the new King of Europe, he also finds himself being single after 100 years. But fate has a whole lot in store for the new king. To start with, he has … Continue reading

MJ O’Shea and Piper Vaughn – The Luckiest (Lucky Moon #2)

Author: MJ O’Shea and Piper Vaughn
Reviewer: Sue
Publisher: Loose-ID
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781611188035


The Luckiest is the second book in the Lucky Moon series and focuses on Nicky, who spent his childhood battling the abandonment by his mother, physical and emotional abuse from his father, and then in his teens, early stardom with only the guidance of his brother, his senior by a few years. Because of the horrible  events in his childhood and  life changing ones in his teens, … Continue reading