Sage Whistler – Torn

Author: Sage Whistler
Reviewed by: Don
Cacoethes Publishing House
M/M Twincest
ISBN 13:

I thought this was a sweet story about twincest. I don’t know what all the hoopla is about twins having some hot sex. It’s not like they are going to have children. It’s fiction, get a grip or don’t read the stuff. There are no taboos in a piece of fiction. Joshua and Jamie have always been drawn to each other both mentally and physically. Neither man has ever acted on their … Continue reading

Lisa Worrall – Thirst

Author: Lisa Worrall
Reviewed by: Don
Silver Publishing
M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:

A neat twist on a vampire story here.  Detective Max Bowman is working a case looking for what seems to be a serial killer.  He is jumped one night and beaten badly by two guys.  Max wakes up in a bedroom feeling like hell but has no clue where he is.  Carter Gray, renown author and vampire, walks into his bedroom to check on Max and wham there’s … Continue reading

Cari Z – Treasured

Author: Cari Z.
Reviewed by:
Jupiter Gardens Press
M/M Urban Fantasy
ISBN 13:

Daniel is a grad student in magic, studying magical history and working at the museum part time, when he meets Rhys (Reece), a shifter. Rhys is new to the area and snows his attraction to Daniel by asking him to dinner, followed by a night at his hotel.  Rhys has money, though he is a little vague on what he actually does for a living.

The story … Continue reading

Susan Wiggs – Just Breathe

 Susan Wiggs
Reviewed by
: Connie
Publisher: Mira Books
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN 13: 9780778325772


Sarah Moon, originally from Glenmuir California, marries a Chicago native.  Jack Daly has lived in Chicago his entire life and has no intention of ever leaving the Windy City.  Sarah is a cartoonist writing the comic strip, Just Breathe.  Shirl is her alter ego in the comic strip.  Soon after Sarah and Jack married Jack was diagnosed with cancer and Sarah remained faithfully by his side throughout his treatments and recovery.  … Continue reading