Bonus scene: Of Love and Corn Dogs – The Cat’s Meow

corn-dogsThe Cat’s Meow Ricky had never been so glad to have a shift end. He’d been run ragged all night, having to cover the cashier window and do some of the cooking. He shook his head. If Matt hadn’t been the manager’s cousin, he’d have been fired two days after he started. The kid was incompetent, and only seemed to show up when he wanted. Ricky drew in a deep breath. He had two days off in a row, a rare treat, … Continue reading

Lexi Ander – Legend of the Bearwere Curse

Copyright © 2013, Lexi Ander

NOTE: This story uses old UK English 

Legend of the Bearwere Curse

My gut pained me with the rising uneasiness. In a few days I would observe the turning of my ninth twelvemonth. I would not be with my father and brothers, who were home in Alba. This was the time of my change, when my name would be scribed on the wall of the cradle as the upcoming ruler of my clann of werebears. I travelled across the rough and violent sea to the land of the Gaels with Granfather Shaye. As one of … Continue reading

Kyle Adams- Dirty Cop

Dirty Cop

Copyright© 2013 Kyle Adams

Cover Art by Shadowphen

“I need your help, Leia,” I pleaded, watching her closely to gauge her reaction. Nothing, not even a muscle twitch, she had perfected the art of ignoring me. “This is serious, I think I really messed up.” She at least lifted her gaze to mine acknowledging my presence, but I could tell her thoughts were elsewhere. She would probably rather be outside playing ball than sitting here listening to me. “What happened? You ask.” My voice dripped with sarcasm. “Thanks for your concern. I got pulled over this afternoon.” Leia … Continue reading