Kelly Moran and Dominic Gugliatto – You Never Have to Remember the Truth: The Nick Gugliatto Story

Author: Kelly Moran and Dominic Gugliatto
Reviewed by: Sean
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Memoir
ISBN 13: 9781105521997

Summary: Dominic Gugliatto tells a story about Lawerencia “Bambi” Bembenek and his escape to Canada, just to be caught three months later. It is told from Dominic aka Nick’s eyes. It was his side of the story, which he hadn’t shared until 2012 (book release year).
Review: It’s the first memoir I’ve read and I’m surprised I actually enjoyed the book. … Continue reading

Hayden Thorne – The Bridge

Author: Hayden Thorne
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Queerteen Press
Genre: M/M Young Adult

Oh, so sweet. Remy Pepin is young, alone and very, very poor. He is so kind and lonely. He tells himself that his friend Mme Jolicoeur’s superstition of leaving a candle in the window for luck is pointless and useless, and only a fool would believe it. The fact that he does this as he very carefully lights the candle and puts it in the window, and watches … Continue reading

Wyn Wagner – Vamp Camp

Author: Wyn Wagner
Reviewer: Kevin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781615816132

Sometimes you find a series that totally takes everything you’ve been told about vampires and turns it upside down and inside out. This is that series.  It is funny, romantic, loving, suspenseful and sexy as hell.

Meet Mårten Larsson, a naval officer in World War I.  Unfortunately for him, he happens to be in a blimp at the wrong place at the wrong time.  He is shot down over Germany and … Continue reading

Lisa Worrall – Thirst

Author: Lisa Worrall
Reviewed by: Don
Silver Publishing
M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:

A neat twist on a vampire story here.  Detective Max Bowman is working a case looking for what seems to be a serial killer.  He is jumped one night and beaten badly by two guys.  Max wakes up in a bedroom feeling like hell but has no clue where he is.  Carter Gray, renown author and vampire, walks into his bedroom to check on Max and wham there’s … Continue reading