D C Juris -Best Laid Plans

best laid plans

Author: D C Juris
Reviewed by: Susan
Breathless Press
M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



Kale never planned to end up a homeless hooker. Perry never planned to fall in love when he pulled over to the curb that night.

Disowned by his family for being transgender, Kale drained his bank account and set out to go as far as the money would take him, planning to make a new life for himself. But when the money stopped, he found himself homeless, his plans pretty much screwed.

Perry set out to find a male hooker to slake his lust. Instead he found a handsome young man who insisted he wasn’t a prostitute.

Can they work past their differences and see what’s in front of them, or will their best laid plans drive them apart?


Best Laid Plans is the story of Kale and Perry.  Kale is a female-to-male transgender and finds himself unemployed and homeless after coming out to his family.  He and Perry meet when Perry mistakes him for a prostitute and offers him money for a blow-job.  He accepts when he thinks about the hotel room and food he can pay for with the money Perry will give him.  There is an initial spark between the two men but neither acts on it, mostly due to their mutual lack of self-confidence.  Kale is insecure because of the way he has been treated by his family and Perry is insecure because he sees himself as bald and fat and unattractive to others.

Perry has to go out of town but tells Kale he will find him again when he returns.  Kale decides to continue in prostitution as he sees it as the only way that he will be able to get out of the rut he finds himself in.  Feelings continue to grow between the men, although both pretend that it is still a business relationship, until the night that Perry discovers that Kale is transgender.  The circumstances in how he finds out couldn’t be much worse and his knee-jerk reaction sends the other man running.  Kale is devastated and he ends up doing an incredibly stupid thing that has terrible repercussions.  So, in desperate need he turns to Perry for help.

It is nice to read a story about two men who are not perfect.  They do not have idealised bodies and each has his own self-esteem issues to deal with.  Their inability to admit their own feelings let alone communicate with each other sees them end up in a terrible situation that could have been avoided.  And yet, as a reader, I could not help but feel for them and understand why they acted the way they did.

Along with being a great story, this book helps to raise awareness.  There are still relatively few books with transgender characters in this genre and I found this one to be a great addition.





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