Danni Keane – Steve Of The Dump


Author: Danni Keane
Reviewed by: 
M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Summary: Steve Jennings has a dream — to be a refuse superhero. Unfortunately, life at the Langley Civic Amenity Site is not all it’s cracked up to be. Far from spending his days freeing the people of Langley from the scourge of broken furniture and unwanted clutter, Steve finds himself either avoiding the stinking wash room or dodging the vicious attentions of Site bully, Pete. But with the arrival of a quiet, attractive stranger, is it possible Steve’s childhood dream will finally come true?

Review: I have to say the title of this book caught my eye and then the story line of a boy who’s dream it is to be a ‘bin man’ and knows this in first grade and actually achieves his goal. He wanted to be that guy who jumps on and off the bin lorry, a superhero of refuse! It didn’t quite work out that way, but working at Civic Amenity Site was close enough for 23 year old Steve, if the bullies at the site, Pete especially, didn’t call him Stig and make him feel miserable.

He likes his work, he does his job and does it well, but the bullying that is just shy of physical only gains momentum, since Pete encourages the others to join in the torment. One day a good looking young man, Tomas joins the crew and works with Steve in his section.

Pete immediately targets Tomas too, but since Tomas doesn’t seem to speak English they quickly move back to Steve and Steve is terribly embarrassed for Tomas to witness his humiliation at the hands of Pete and his cronies. Now, there is a lot of bathroom tales, Pete takes his daily dump in the break room bathroom and Steve shares his unhappiness and the unpleasantness of that with the reader.

This is a very short story and as such there is no romance or relationship building between Tomas and Steve as such and barely any real hint of attraction for me. It seemed more of a bonding between two young men with a crappy work situation, they do exert some revenge on Pete, I personally shuddered, but I have a sensitive stomach and most might think it’s funny, there really isn’t much else they can do against him, I guess, so they take what they can get.

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