Dany Sirene – Fire Play

Author: Dany Sirene
Reviewed by: Tina
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Genre:  M/M
ISBN:  1613723245

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The story opens with a trial against Fire Demuirge Lau.  Very quickly the reader is submerged in all things Lau. He is arrogant, has more pride than sense and feels that he should not ever have to prostrate himself to anyone, even Mother Goddess.  Since Lau is an ass (and he killed a human), Mother Goddess sentences him to live as a human until he fulfills her requirements:  Basically he must become someone who can be loved and who can put others before himself.

The story then unfolds as Lau is ‘reborn’ human.  This is where the story surprised me – in a good way.  Can you imagine having to be human after being a God for 900 years? With a God’s attitude and knowledge,  we get to watch Lau grow up smart yet do so many dumb things. The author does a fantastic job with Lau’s character here.  You can feel Lau hanging onto his attitude as a God, yet having to learn to conform within the human construct.  This part was hard to read. You want to scream STOP LAU, just STOP.  Really bad things happen to this guy and you would think he would learn?  uh no.

Enter Jesse.  He is a young kid away from a very strict small town home life.  He is now in the big city and wants to experience everything there is to be young, free, and gay.  Jesse has a huge heart and falls immediately in love with Lau (well everyone does).  Here is where the meat of the story unfolds as we watch Lau change, open himself up to the possibility of Jesse.  Aside from Lau getting over his big bad self, we see conflict arise from other Gods.  Road blocks start appearing and Lau and Jesse have to navigate without loosing site of each other.

What I liked about this story was that Dany Sirene did not pull any punches.  Lau was an arrogant prick and the author did not water him down.  Jesse was exactly what you would want as an opposite to Lau.  With that said, I really never attached myself to the characters and the ending felt a bit rushed.  The protagonists kind of fell away and Jesse and Lau just stopped. I remember saying to myself  ‘wait what, what happens now’? There is such a build up to realizing Lau’s change that in the end I needed more.   This was the first book I have read by Dany Sirene and after reading Fire Play, I would certainly read more of her work.


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