Darcy Abriel – Silver

Author: Darcy Abriel
Reviewed by: Sean
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: M/M & MMF Sci-Fi Erotic
ISBN 13: 9781609282660

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Silver gets caught pretending to be a male to get into science academy. Her punishment is modification. Part female, part male, and part robot. Silver also becomes a slave to a master named Lel Kesselbaum. Silver is on a journey of trying to figure out who Lel really is. Things get confusing when Entreus shows up in their life. Soon, Silver discovers the real Lel and in the end, she has a decision to make.

Review: I had a love/hate feeling while reading Silver (first book of Humanotica series) book. Originally, I gave a rating of two and half stars until I reach the near-end of the story, when I realized I really did enjoy it. It was different and very unique from any book I’d ever read. There were three point of views in the book. I loved Silver’s voice and mind. She told a lot of the emotions she fought throughout the story. I don’t know what to label her as a male or a female but instead, she is a person with no label necessary. She had her own mind. Being 60% robot didn’t change who she always had been. That was what made me fascinate her characteristic. Lel, on other hand, was kind of boring person until the ending. When I learned who he was, that changed my opinion of him. Also, there’s third voice in the story and he wasn’t that bad to read about. His additional to the story was important and made the story completed. Overall, I highly recommend readers to give this book a chance.

Only one warning: it is an erotic book, which involves a lot of sex scenes. Most of them are hot. If you wondered about Silver: her female part is her breast and her male part is her cock. 🙂 It did have one scene where there is male to female scene and trust me, it didn’t ruin the story.


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