David A. Goodman – Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Author: David A. Goodman
Reviewed by: Will
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: TV and Movie
ISBN 13:   9781781169155
[mf  rating=3.5/5]

Summary:  For the first time, an ‘in universe’ history of Star Trek, complete with excerpts from Starfleet records and intergalactic intelligence, including James T. Kirk’s official biography and newly translated Klingon reports.

Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

This unprecedented illustrated volume chronicles the pivotal era leading up to Humankind’s First Contact with Vulcan in 2063, the Romulan War in 2156, the creation of the Federation in 2161, and the first 150 years of the intergalactic democracy up until the year 2311. Meticulously researched, this account covers a multitude of alien species, decisive battles, and the technology that made the Age of Exploration possible. It includes field sketches, illustrations, and reproductions of historic pieces of art from across the Galaxy, along with over fifty excerpts from key Federation documents and correspondence, Starfleet records, and intergalactic intelligence.

Review: Reading as a history lesson at times, this book depicts the first 150 years of the Federation.  Encompassing official documents such as the articles of federation, biographies of key historical figures and explanations of important moments, the book is an interesting font of Trekkie knowledge.

There are copies of the Captain’s log, which were probably the most familiar to me.  For a true Trekkie, this may not be perfect but as a casual Trek watcher (and no, I haven’t ever read the books) it was mostly new to me information.  It should be noted that I have just the book, not the book and the stand, which speaks in Sulu’s voice.

It was a little disconcerting because it truly seems like an actual history book, not a fiction piece.  Probably my favorite quote in the entire book is by Matthew Decker, Starfleet Commander, stardate 4197.3,  “I’m starting to realize that ‘we come in peace’ only means something if they are clear on the fact that we can also kick their ass”.  Remarkable how much that pertains to current day situations.

Recommended for Star Trek fans who like a lot of background on their favorite series.


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