Delilah Storm – 100 Days to Christmas

Author: Delilah Storm  
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13:  9781610404044

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  After nearly a year of online video chatting and text messaging, Jackson and Steve are finally going to meet in person. Jackson is a successful New York City lawyer. Steve owns a popular bakery called Sweet Cheeks, in San Diego – and with that bakery comes a touch of a dough boy body. Steve is understandably nervous and desperate to make a good impression on the man he’s fallen in love with, who has only seen him through a computer screen. Steve has a hundred days to Christmas to become the perfect package he believes Jackson wants to unwrap, over and over again. But can a clumsy chocolate fanatic more interested in feeding is personal trainer chocolate éclairs than in doing push-ups manage to stay the course? 

Review: Oh Steve.   His attempts at weight loss are sabotaged by himself and his journal of this is so funny.  His success in making his trainer eat sweets and his disgust when said trainer still wants him to work out is written so well and I could just picture him doing it.

Steve himself may think he’s not physically perfect but he is an amusing, engaging guy.  His response to the witch on the phone threatening to talk to his boss, about the kind of balls he plays with, made me laugh out loud.  How often have I wanted to respond to people like that!

There are a couple editing errors, just as “loose your job” and “quaff” your hair, instead of “coif” but those are few.

When Jackson and Steve meet, it’s very nearly anticlimactic.  I didn’t feel like this was insta-love at all, since they have been Skypeing for a year.  They are cute and this is a sweet, fluffy story with very enjoyable characters.


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