Diana DeRicci – Second Chance At Love

second chance at love

Author: Diana DeRicci
Reviewed by: Mandy
DreamSpinner Press
M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



The hole in Tony Teagan’s heart is slowly shrinking. Since losing the love of his life, he’s buried himself in running West TonDe Press, but now he can remember the good times. Still, that doesn’t mean he’s ready for a new man in his life. Then he meets nighttime delivery guy Brandon, who appears on his doorstep with Thai food. Tony’s interest is piqued despite their ten-year age difference, and Brandon is all for a new relationship. Relinquishing his hold on his deceased lover is the hardest challenge Tony will face, but if his future is combined with Brandon’s, he may have a second chance at love after all.


First I have to say I love the cover, this is not only gorgeous, it just makes me want to smile when I see it and Brandon is well portrait on it.

And it’s fitting that it has a nice cover since Tony has gone from struggling agent to owner of a publishing house, and you guessed it, he also publishes m/m romance novels..and has his own in-house cover models.

Brandon is working two jobs to get through school since his parents cut him off after he came out to them, it has taken a little while longer but at 24 he only has about another year to go.

Coincidence has him delivering food to Tony’s place one evening and it leaves a big impression on both of them.

Brandon is instantly smitten with the older and über-sexy Tony and Tony has trouble getting the very beautiful young man off of his mind too.

When they run into each other again at Brandon’s other job, Tony sees it as a sign and decides to help this struggling man out and pay it forward.

Tony knows all about that, since the love of his life, the thirteen year older Devyn helped and supported and encouraged him to make his dreams come true.

In the two years since Devyn’s death, Tony has been coming to terms with it, but there is sadness of course.

I have to say, the author didn’t make this a sad and mourning tear-jerker, thank goodness. Yes, Tony is sad, but now two years on, he is living and finally looking at love again. Devyn is an important part of Tony’s life and that’s ok, I really appreciate when the point is made that the dead partner is still a treasured memory and that neither the old love nor the new love have to compete, they are both equally valued.

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