Donna McIntosh – Jason Willoby

Author: Donna McIntosh
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Difficult, difficult, difficult to decide how to rate this.  It was, on the one hand, the coming out story of Jason Willoby. He is six feet tall, blond, blue eyed, beautiful and smart with a degree in computer engineering.  He has “a good job, a BMW, a loving family and caring friends.  Jason was miserable.” What Jason isn’t, is out to those who know him.  He has a dream of moving to San Francisco, coming out of the closet and finding the man of his dreams.   Jason seems caring and intelligent, if quite naïve (at one point he has to look up the word cybersex, even though he is a computer engineer and spends all his time on the computer) , yet this adult man has dreams of moving away and then never contacting or seeing his family or friends again, who he admits he loves?  He has a plan of saving his money, moving there and then tapering off all contact to nothing as he lived “the life he was meant to live”.  What?  That didn’t even make sense to me.

Moving turns out to be easier than Jason would have hoped, as his company offers him a transfer to his dream land, San Francisco.  He of course accepts at once and soon is starting his new life.  On his very first day of work he receives a message on his computer (doesn’t say if this is email or instant) welcoming him, calling him handsome and signed “Someone”.

Jason begins to learn his new neighborhood (gay friendly) and experiment with clubs and his sexuality.  Jason is a virgin, but he’s down on his knees in the bathroom like a pro, with a married man no less.  He questions himself about why that might be wrong but since he likes the experience, he doesn’t care much.  During this time, he is consistently receiving messages from “Someone” and he is responding.  “Someone” is like a stalker.  He tries to get Jason into some cybersex, with no taking of the bait.  As they continue to talk, however, Jason begins to have feelings for his mystery man, who gives no information and really just comes across as incredibly creepy.  He doesn’t give much detail on himself, and his reasons for hiding just don’t compute.  Jason doesn’t really try to even get any info, really.

There is a point where Jason finds out inadvertently who “Someone” is, and it is made clear to him that there can be noting between them.  The whole thing rang a little too much of “Someone” being a huge user.  After they meet, Jason is told “this doesn’t change anything” yet is still never told WHY.  Maybe it would have made more sense, his hanging on, if he actually knew what was going on.  Since he didn’t, “Someone” seems like a user and Jason seems pathetic.   And I still don’t understand why Jason several times says how close he is to his family and that he loves them yet wants to cut them off completely.  Very confusing.

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