Edward Kendrick – Sins of the Fathers


Author: Edward Kendrick
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781622320691

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



When ex-priest Mark Collins is suddenly catapulted to fame as a super-model, he discovers his boss may be trafficking with the Mafia. Then the game becomes one of ‘who do you trust’, a decision he must make if he’s going to survive.

When ex-priest Mark Collins is suddenly catapulted to fame as a super-model, he discovers there is more to it than he expected. With the help of Paul, his boss’s assistant, he manages to weather the promotional gigs. Then there is his blossoming involvement with Angelo, a police detective he met soon after arriving in the city.
Everything is thrown into disarray when he finds out his boss may be trafficking with the Mafia. When he’s attacked, his life soon becomes a game of ‘who do I trust?’ Will it be Angelo or the very appealing FBI agent who puts him into protective custody to keep him alive until he can testify?

Review:  This story focuses on ex-priest, Mark, and his attempts to make a new life for himself after he is forced out of his position at the church for reasons that are explained later on in the story.  He starts out working at a small bar/restaurant where he makes friends with the owner and an elder patron.  As he is getting things back on track, he falls into a modeling gig that takes off at full speed, making him the face of a popular designer.  

Mark is still not looking for any relationship at this time, so he gently turns down his first suitor, Paul, whom he works with at the modeling agency.  After a visit back to the bar, he is convinced by the patron friend to go out with his police officer son, Angelo.  However, Mark still takes things very slow. 

All is going well for Mark, until he takes it upon himself to follow someone Angelo told him to be on the lookout for.  There are betrayals, attacks and illegal things going on.  The story then switches direction and turns into witness protection, and Mark is secluded away in a safe house.  There is some romance eventually, though it is decided to hold off on taking things further than some kissing and holding until after things are more settled with the whole witness situation. 

I actually enjoyed the fact that this wasn’t the typical romance.  It doesn’t have insta-love or many of the other aspects of mm romance that have become so typical.  There is some intrigue and mystery and some action and excitement where the mafia is concerned, and Mark finds himself smack dab in the middle of it all.  Mark is sweet and somewhat innocent and naïve.  I was happy to see him end up with who he did.  They make a really sweet couple and even though there isn’t a lot in the way of a hot steamy connection and some of the story was pretty unbelievable, it was still interesting and quite enjoyable.  I recommend you give this a shot if you’re looking for a nice change of pace.


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