Eli Easton – Blame It On the Mistletoe



Author: Eli Easton
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Contemporary, Holiday
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



When physics grad student Fielding Monroe and skirt-chaser and football player Mick Colman become college housemates, they’re both in for a whole new education. Mick looks out for the absent-minded genius, and he helps Fielding clean up his appearance and discover all the silly pleasures his strict upbringing as a child prodigy denied him. They become best friends. 

It’s all well and good until they run into a cheerleader who calls Mick the ‘best kisser on campus.’ Fielding has never been kissed, and he decides Mick and only Mick can teach him how it’s done. After all, the physics department’s Christmas party is coming up with its dreaded mistletoe. Fielding wants to impress his peers and look cool for once in his life. The thing about Fielding is, once he locks onto an idea, it’s almost impossible to get him to change his mind. And he just doesn’t understand why his straight best friend would have a problem providing a little demonstration. 

Mick knows kissing is a dangerous game. If he gives in, it would take a miracle for the thing not to turn into a disaster. Then again, if the kissing lessons get out of hand they can always blame it on the mistletoe. 


It’s no secret I loved Eli Easton’s ‘Superhero‘ and am always on the lookout for more of her stories.

Then I saw the cover for this one (it really caught my eye) and read the blurb and knew I had to read it.

Mick is at Cornell, he’s double majoring in Nutrition and Physical Therapy. He works 2 jobs, quit football and moved out of the dorms all to concentrate on his studies.

Now he just needs a housemate and he sure gets one in Fielding.

Fielding is great, his mother is sort of scary but she only makes a short appearance. Fielding is a genius, he’s 19 and in the graduate program for particle physics. He’s also missing a lot of the normal experiences growing up usually brings with it.

Mick takes care of Fielding and helps him catch up on all the things he has missed out on growing up.

The poor guy hasn’t even seen Star Wars for goodness sake.

I really liked that Mick loves seeing Fielding happy, his welfare is important to him.

My science geek housemate hadnt grown up with a lot of laughter. But Fielding laughed now. He did a lot of things now that he hadnt when wed first moved in together. I felt pretty damn good about that..

Fielding made this book for me, I saw him through Mick’s eyes and he’s a real treat.


Because of his sheltered upbringing and also since a she-devil seems to have set her sights on him and maybe just maybe because he thinks Mick is a catch, he wants to learn how to kiss, from Mick.


Mick is straight, at least he always has been, so kissing Fielding isn’t something he thinks he should do. But Fielding really doesn’t take ‘no‘ well.

He’s not giving up on his plan, tenacious is what that boy is.

When Fieldings eyes said Eureka! civilizations crumbled and gods wept.”

Mick doesn’t stand a chance against a determined genius.

He looked at me with such hope and longing. To say no would have been like kicking Mr. Rogers in the groin.

I think Mick’s inner struggle with what he feels for Fielding as opposed to what he thinks are the expectations of him, by his family, society and even himself was very well done.

But it was one thing to make your own adult decisions. It was another to become a person who might not even fit into your familys lives anymore or into your own perception of yourself. 

I don’t really see this as a gay-for-you so much as a realization of who he is and who he loves. Maybe he’s bi-sexual maybe he’s gay, it doesn’t matter. He loves Fielding, but is that enough?

It was like I was staring at puzzle pieces that were perfectly fine in their own right, they just didnt fit together, and they didnt fit inside me.”

This is definitely a great holiday read, it’s like a cup of hot chocolate with humor, cuteness and sweetness to warm me up on a cold winters night and a dash of romance as a marshmallow on top.


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