Elizabeth L. Brooks, Charlie Cochet, Missouri Dalton, Katherine Halle, Sean Michael, Rob Rosen, B.A. Tortuga – Masks Off

Author: Anthology
Reviewed by: Rya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:    9781610403498

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Blurb (Goodreads):

Picture a masquerade ball: the masks, the mystery, the seduction, the reveal! Now imagine men who wear another mask every day, as shifters. This anthology offers seven stories about what lies beneath disguises, literal and figurative.

* BA Tortuga marries the heat and splendor of New Orleans with a werewolf when Landry comes to town in Different Masks.

* In Missouri Dalton’s Foxtrot, Remy starts this year’s Masquerade miserable, but with help from an old flame, things start looking up.

* Believe Me, Beloved by Charlie Cochet gives us Robert Bradley, who dreams of singing on the radio, and when he attends the masked ball of handsome station owner Gabriel Chase, Robert has no clue his dream is about to take an unexpected turn.

* In As You Wish by Rob Rosen, James must tie his employer, Charles, up to a metal cot, naked, in the basement and return the next morning to untie him, no questions asked, but he gets more than he bargained for.

* It’s time for the annual Crane Masquerade Ball in Katherine Halle’s Alpha Prime, hosted by Stephen Crane, the new Alpha Prime, who’s hunting a mate. Everyone is expected to attend, including Christian, a vet student who detests Stephen with a passion…

* Elizabeth Brooks bring us What You Are, where Cory relaxes his vigilance at a masquerade ball after two years agonizing that someone will unearth his two secrets. A single whisper leaves him wondering if he’ll ever find someone who can accept him for what he is.

* Finally, in Annual Full Moon Werewolf Ball by Sean Michael, a chance encounter a year ago changed Gramm’s life. When he runs into Damien, he finally gets his chance to confront his demons, but things are not what they seem.

Humorous, hot, suspenseful, and seductive: we hope you enjoy unveiling the men of Masks Off!



This was my first paranormal anthology and I loved it. Now, the reasons:


  1. It’s an anthology which implies, let’s say, a gathering of stories written by different writers;
  2. Some of those writers are in my favorite authors shelf;
  3. I’ve discovered new entries in the above mentioned shelf;
  4. All the stories had shifters and happy endings;
  5. I wasn’t left with the feeling of wanting more(BIG PLUS);
  6. Had as setting The Masquerade Ball.


I really like shifters, more than vampires, because they are somehow in connection with Mother Nature. They are the same as us, except for the animal soul, which I find it to be extremely powerful, when talking of protecting yourself, the people you love or simply another soul in search of help. If I were to compare with elements, I would say that vampires=Ice, while shifters=Fire. And since fire can keep one warm, who am I to refuse?

Since this is my first time reviewing an anthology, I’m not really sure how to do it. Here goes nothing.
Each story was special in its own way. I enjoyed this book especially because of the setting: The Masquerade Ball.  I love it when a guy knows his manners and exudes power through elegance.

I cannot choose between them and pick one as a favorite. I can just say that they were well written with just the right amount of action. As I stated before, at the end of each story I wasn’t left with wanting more, I didn’t crave a sequel.

For example, I found very funny the misunderstanding in What You Are and I really enjoyed Cory’s little show, while in Believe Me, Beloved I admired Gabriel’s courage while defending Robert.

As a counter example, As You Wish wasn’t my cup of tea. The dominance act felt forced and I hated it. So, minus 0.5 points from the rating.

Technical Stuff:

Nothing to say, except that they were well written.


For those who love reading about paranormal romance involving wolves, Balls and humor. You will definitely NOT regret becoming a part in their stories.

To sum it up, this anthology was very enjoyable and I look forward to reading others.




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