Erica Pike – A Life Without You

Author: Erica Pike
Reviewed by: Valentina
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781608205264

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


This is my second story by Erica Pike, but if I hadn’t read the first one I probably never would have dared to read A Life Without You, not to mention the cover that really just puts me off.

Jesse and Adam are roommates at college and while Adam is gay, Jesse has a fiancé back home and is adamantly refusing to give up his dream of marriage and kids despite taking it up the ass daily. I did put it a bit crudely, but honestly that is exactly what happens and I did resent Jesse for most of this book. Anyway, at one point the fiancé gets suspicious and visits, causing more trouble than she’s worth really and turns the whole relationship between Jesse and Adam upside down.

It is strange, but that was my favorite part of this book. The emotional side was almost overwhelming and the reason why I initially liked this author’s writing drifted up to the surface. Heartbreak is very real and very difficult to get through and I liked the way this book shined for it. Some people might say it was too emotional, or the guys were too weepy, but for me it felt real and that is why I rated this with four stars.

To be honest, the first half of the book was good, but not all that great. The buildup seemed too long to me and I just didn’t like Jesse at all. He is a cheater and he really does not pick sides, so I should warn all those interested that there is male/female sex in this book, although not detailed or shown, it does happen ‘off screen’. Anyway, I can handle cheating as my track record in reading cheating books clearly shows, but I just couldn’t sympathize with Jesse’s situation. He was not honest and was rather selfish on more than one occasion and if by chance the author had put another more active character in this book I would have easily cheered that guy and Adam on.

Adam, on the other hand, was a bit pushy, but the guy was in love so I did forgive him. He seemed much more sincere although not always like someone who actually has some self-respect. Still, I liked him and the way the whole fiancé situation affected him, returned this book to the right track for me. My favorite character was a side one, as it often happens it seems. Eric is Adam’s best friend, flashy, mouthy and pushy, he was just a perfect person to lift this story up a bit. I love how he was caring and a great friend while not holding any words back.

In the end, I did really like this book, but it wasn’t as impressive as another short one I’ve read by Erica Pike. It is also not something I can just go ahead and recommend simply because it is a book that pushes a lot of buttons and does drag out a bit at times. Still, I did notice it was a part of a series and I will definitely be on a look out for the next one



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