Erica Pike – Absolutely Eric

Author: Erica Pike
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Let’s be clear about something. There are people who are going to really dislike Eric, and by extension this book. He is a manwhore, in his words. He is so mean to our lovely hero, Alex, in the beginning that I wanted to smack him. Also, have to be upfront about the fact that our MCs are having sex with other people for most of this. I cringed a few times, because it wasn’t what I wanted to read. You have to get into the book, however, to understand Eric and by the last third, I felt bad for him. He’s so clueless, so misinformed and so willing to settle you want to scream at him. He has a threesome with a devoted couple (Adam and Jesse) and that didn’t work for me, as Adam is his best friend and in complete love with Jesse.

Alex is a solid five star for me. I loved him. He is so confident and self assured, except when it comes to the man he has fallen for. Around Eric, he is a bumbling, clumsy bore who really is dropped on someone else’s lap while Eric takes off with someone “pretty”. I HATED Eric then. Alex had waited so long for him, and then to be ditched (and have to watch Eric practically have sex on the dance floor PLUS leave with the guy)? Awful!

Alex ends up dating Terry, the one who Eric dumped him on. Terry is a good guy, Alex is a wonderful guy. One thing about this whole group of friends – they take sex lightly. Alex doesn’t seem too. Sex means something to him. I keep saying it, but I just really liked him. Genuine, sweet and funny. He dresses badly, which Eric helps with. One thing about Eric, the man can dress. He has style!

Eric ends up staying with the man-beauty he left Alex for, Raphael. Raphael is a complete loser, though Eric believes himself in love so doesn’t see it. Many threesomes happen, which Eric does for love, even when it makes him feel cheap and used and whorish.

Eric stays with Raphael despite finally admitting that he has feelings for Alex. Feelings he won’t act on or acknowledge because of his friendship with Terry, who he believes is better for Alex and loves him. There is a point (which I don’t want to spoiler) when Alex turns Eric away and his reason, omg my heart hurt for him. There is so much miscommunication happening here, between Eric and Alex, Eric and Terry, Eric and Raphael. Eric is so sure he is unworthy that he just doesn’t care what happens and he continually acts like a whore. You want to shake him to get it together, especially after what happens to him. That he even considered…….

This isn’t a fluffy book, even though it has some SO funny parts to it, but has some tough topics as well (drug abuse, violence). The sex happens mostly NOT between the two MC, and that can be tough because you want Alex to get who  makes him happiest. Eric’s group of friends are funny and so supportive, if VERY groping and fondling.

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